5 Best Animated Corporate Videos (Our Top Picks)

animated corporate explainer videos

Animated corporate videos are the talk of the town. The human brain can process images 60,000 times more quickly than it can process text. It’s no wonder that more businesses than ever are turning to video to communicate with their audiences.

Although most people won’t take the time to read paragraph after paragraph of text on a website, they will click on a video link, this includes people internal and external to the business. This is where animated corporate videos shine. It takes the overarching message of a product or service and distills it into a short, simple video.

The human attention span is estimated at eight seconds. Compare that to a goldfish, which has an attention span of nine seconds. The window of opportunity to grab and keep the attention of website visitors is shorter than the window of opportunity to keep a goldfish entertained. It’s a scary thought for marketers. The good news is that video is a proven medium for boosting viewer engagement. In fact, 84% of consumers have decided to make a purchase after watching a brand video.

So what makes a great animated corporate video?

Here are five of the best animated corporate videos on the web today, along with some helpful tips on why they work and how to incorporate some of their best elements into a video marketing strategy.

1. GE

For a potentially complex topic, it’s vital that the animation serves to simplify, rather than detract from the explanation. It should visually complement the key points the video is trying to make, and use a style that fits with the company’s overall brand.

This video from GE does an excellent job of explaining the concept of the impact of economic growth on energy demand.

It’s a topic that could easily lose most viewers if presented in a text-heavy, “scientific” format, but instead, the video engages viewers with imagery that paints a picture of the voiceover script.

The script incorporates facts and statistics to support the main points of the video while using plain language to explain the benefits and outcomes of GE’s effort to bring sustainable energy to countries experiencing rapid economic growth.

Lastly, the background music enhances the voiceover and graphics, instead of overpowering them. The subtle use of sound effects also helps to emphasize key points without distracting from the overall message.

The first step in creating effective animated corporate videos is to validate that the theme, script, animation style, and music are an extension of your brand.

2. Pfizer

A good explainer video makes an emotional connection right away. With only a few seconds to grab the attention of a viewer, the first few frames of a video can make all the difference.

A good script explains the problem a viewer may be experiencing, the solution to the problem, and why the company or product is the right source to solve the problem.

Pfizer immediately connects with viewers by showing a visual representation of something that every human being has experienced at some point (pain) along with a clear statement of the problems that pain presents. Finally, the video presents a solution, stating that “there is hope” by seeking help from a physician.

Much like the GE video, Pfizer takes a complex subject–different types of pain and what causes them–and breaks it up into analogies and simple comparisons. The background music is light and upbeat, supporting the message that there is hope for chronic pain, and the use of sound effects is minimal, punctuating key moments in the video.

3. Starbucks

Animated explainer videos don’t always have to tackle complex subjects. Starbucks takes coffee, a product that most of the adult human race knows and loves, and uses an animated corporate explainer video to educate viewers about how they choose and blend coffee beans to create new flavors.

Since Starbucks is such a well-known brand, this video skips past the usual brand and messaging set up to explore the finer details of their expertise in mastering new coffee blends.  The colors, animations, and script are descriptive and rich, almost making viewers feel as if they can taste what is happening in the video.

One of the best aspects of this video is its length. In just under a minute, Starbucks tells a story about their passion for blending coffees from around the world and leaves viewers wanting more (in this case, wanting more coffee).

A good explainer video company can take a concept and help trim it down into a message that will captivate an audience. It doesn’t need to be a feature-length film to be effective. Short and sweet wins over long and wordy every time.

4. Sealy

Explainer videos are especially effective at answering common questions about a product or service. In this quick, 30-second animated brand video, Sealy takes the confusion out of picking a mattress by highlighting the benefits of one of their hybrid products.

The bright, upbeat background music subliminally adds to the message that choosing a mattress doesn’t have to be complicated. Sealy places their logo and branding throughout the video in a way that blends naturally with the script and graphics.

By ending with their tagline and trademark music, Sealy does an excellent job of solidifying their position as the right company to solve the vexing consumer dilemma of choosing a mattress–and all in just half a minute. This is a killer example of animated corporate videos using their brand recognition to both educate and promote.

5. DuPont

For brands like DuPont, which cover a broad range of services, products, and corporate initiatives, an explainer video is an excellent medium to tie the various pieces of the company into one central concept.

This video explains the scientific approach to sustainable food production. While science may not be a topic of interest for some, the idea of solving world hunger is something that virtually everyone can rally around.

In just under two minutes, this video uses plain language (instead of scientific terms) to thoroughly explain the problem, how it impacts different groups like consumers, manufacturers, and food growers, to convey how a scientific approach is solving a problem that every human can understand.

The color palette is understated to keep the focus on the script and voiceover. The use of text supports key statistics for double-the-impact in helping viewers retain the message by hearing and seeing it.

Follow the formula

Great animated corporate videos follow a basic formula: they start with a great script, they are brief, they solve a problem, and they do it with on-brand graphics, music, and messages. The right explainer video company can take virtually any concept and turn it into an engaging story that converts casual viewers to an engaged audience. With video continuing to gain momentum as one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, it’s the perfect time to explore the power of an effective explainer video.

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