Check Out These Video Marketing Trends

We love video. We love business. That’s why we have to warn you about the trends that aren’t going away in the video marketing world.

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For the last several years, all of those “trends” and “stats” posts have been telling everyone in the marketing world that video was going to be a behemoth. Not only have most of those reports been true, it’s kind of catching many off guard.

There is a great divide forming in the way business is done.

The division is between the old way of impersonal advertising and harsh sales tactics. And the new methods of developing a sales funnel and innovating content that moves leads down stream and skyrockets conversions.Image result for i daresay that the situation has reached a point of

Then there’s most companies somewhere in the middle—where the divide threatens to force you one way or the other.

2017 may be the year that many organizations fully embrace video content, or start a steady decline into the abyss.

Sounds harsh, but video is out of control.

Scariest Trend: People Will Begin to Expect Video

The people have spoken and given us half a decade to equip ourselves, but now three quarters of web traffic goes toward video consumption.

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Got written content?

Only one in four on the internet are even looking at that form of media, which significantly dwindles your potential audience. That’s scary enough, but if you’ve been neglecting the video marketing of your brand—it’s downright terrifying.

How should you react?

The bad news always has to come before the good news.

Luckily, the other trends of this monster can help us all gauge the demands of this video crazed society. While they may be scary in their own right, you should use them to move your brand into the future of marketing.

Scary Trend Two: Multiple Platform Viewing (at once)

Yep. We live in a world where the T.V. is on Seinfeld and the phone is playing YouTube videos.

Admit it. You do it sometimes, too.

Imagine the implications of trying to grab the attention of consumers while they are multi-tained in such a way. It means that your videos have to be on par with the visuals bombarding them as well as the content being as entertaining as Kramer.

Keep in mind that this trend isn’t likely to slow down. If it’s common in Millennials, it’ll be worse in Gen Z.

Scary Trend Three: Videos Could Be a Part of the Sales Team

Sure, more automated sales processes save money, but bad videos don’t necessarily lose too much money—yet.

As time progresses this year and into the future, (good) video will sell more products and the personal interaction with salespeople will continue to diminish. People are already doing their own research for most of the sales process; only talking to a rep when absolutely needed in most cases.

But video will become a greater piece of this puzzle and even come to the point of giving the final nudge for many to purchase.

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This trend calls back into play the Millennial/Gen Z card.

While they love interaction, they don’t feel it necessary to talk with a person before making a buying decision. Really large purchases excluded, they want to feel connected to your brand without talking to you on the phone.

Some are reading this and getting excited for the future, but with almost half of all marketers admitting they need to take video more seriously—it could keep you up at night.

Scary Trend Four: New Formats of Video

Not only are so many businesses just now thinking of increasing their video efforts, the types of videos that are gaining popularity (at breakneck speed) weren’t even invented a few years ago.


There are two new formats of video that we’d like to tell you about. You may have heard of them, but may not be familiar with their popularity or use to your brand. Let’s take a look.

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Live Video

As little as a decade ago, live video was something that news and television networks had exclusively at their fingertips.

Now, everyone with a 3g/4g signal can broadcast themselves eating lunch worldwide.

If you mashup the last trend with this one, it could help your sales team stay alive that much longer. Consumers want to feel the human connection with the companies they buy from, but are more comfortable asking questions via a FaceBook live feed.

360 Video

Perhaps the newest trend in the video world, it’s gaining traction fast.

There are cameras that give a full panoramic view the entire time that they record. It’s a neat experience (that may give you a headache at first).

Depending on your business model, this may have no impact on you in the immediate future (next few years). That said, don’t discount it too quickly. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with some mock ideas for businesses to utilize 360 videos.

  • Headquarter Tours: Some brands have a great image that make people want to know everything about them. Younger consumers love to know where their [insert product here] was made. Give them the whole show; warehouse, offices, factory—all in 360 degrees.
  • Using Your Product(s): If you sell cars, this one may seem easy. Although, anyone could use it to create a short, fun video. How about a day in the life of a paperclip, or the epic story of a barista?
  • Brand Journalism: Well-known filmmaker Casey Neistat has done tons of branded content for companies using the 360 technique. It can be loosely related as long as it speaks to your target audience.

What to Make of These Frightening Observations

Putting it all together, you should be thinking about your video efforts this year for the long haul.

The key component in all of these trends is the increased humanization of your brand through visual content. Your company on display for the world to see in both a polished way and an unscripted way.

Tell the story of your brand through video both through advertisements and explainers, while adding the personalization of your company via newer and more popular ways.

Have your consumers send in their own videos (everyone has a high-quality camera). If you’re a personality, put yourself out there in FB live or webinars. The point is that your customers now expect you to talk with them.

Are you ready for that kind of relationship?
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