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  • Does your company have a complex product or service offering?
  • Are you looking for a professional, friendly company with a world-class process and team to lead you through the creation of a compelling animated explainer video?
  • Do you want a video that not only nails your message and supports your brand, but also makes the entire company cheer?
“It was amazing how quickly Explainify took all our content and distilled it. It really felt like having an extension of our team. All of a sudden, we had a script writing team and project managers and teams of people.”
Lindsay Shaw

Marketing Director, NGINX

Lindsay Shaw, Marketing Director, NGINX
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The Explainify Difference: You Always Get the VIP Treatment

You know the feeling when…

You’ve just traveled for fourteen hours straight. You’re tired, hungry, and you don’t know your way around. After scrambling to get a ride, you finally reach your hotel.

You hobble through the doorway, dragging all your luggage, and suddenly someone well-dressed and smiling hands you your favorite drink. An attentive group of bellhops instantly begin loading your things carefully onto a cart.

“Good news!” says the manager. “We’re going to upgrade you for free today. You’ll have an excellent beach-side view on a high floor where it’s quiet. Breakfast is served till noon. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

Yep, that’s how it feels to work with Explainify. Here’s why:

You don’t have to move the process along or constantly be involved.

We’re used to explaining very complex concepts — so we know what questions to ask and what information to gather from you. You won’t have to constantly explain what you do or come up with your own storyboards or script.

You’ll get the kind of video that’s right for your business.

You want a video that’s custom for your brand and lives up to your company’s reputation, and that’s what we deliver. Your video will impress your CEO as well as your target audience.

You won’t have to figure out the schedule or deadlines.

Our field-tested production timeline and built-in feedback cycles keep you in the loop and your project on the rails for smooth development.

You’ll have a team of specialists working for you.

Our vast experience and laser-focus on creating compelling explainer videos means high value and low risk for your business. You won’t get “yes men,” rather, a team that challenges you and your company to reach the next level and achieve your key goals.

Enjoy full-transparency, rapid responsiveness, and amazing videos that your team loves.

Finally you can get the quality videos you deserve without any hassles, communication issues, or the ambiguity you may have experienced before with our coveted frustration-free™ process.

Video Is a “Black Box” for Many, But We Make It Truly
Easy for You to Get Exactly What You Need

“They don’t come to us with a concept until they know they have something that will blow us away — and they always do. I mean, we’ve done 19 videos with them so far.

Rob Rittberg

Marketing Manager, PerkinElmer

Getting a Video Is Just One of Many Things on Your To-Do List. We’re Here to Make This Project as Successful As Everything Else You Do.
With Explainify as your guide, you can…

Complete your video project excellently and on-time.

We work hard so you can be the hero of your department. We want your boss and coworkers to say to you, “Wow! How did you make this happen? Great work!” Based on our other clients’ experiences, they will.

Avoid the nightmare of hiring the wrong company.

Most people have had bad experiences with creatives in the past, so we deliberately designed our company to be the opposite of the typical vendor.  The last thing you need is for a project like this to get caught in the weeds and dragged on forever.

Get the star treatment.

Enjoy the frictionless experience of requesting a video and watching it come together like it should. Thanks to our superior project management, you’ll be able to add input without feeling obligated to ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks.

“We often hear from customers about their experiences with other vendors who offer cookie-cutter videos. They say, “We wish we had come to you first.”

“The CEO of the company, he adores it. He’s like, “Put it everywhere. We need it everywhere.”

Keisha Dunstan
Doctor Logic, Marketing Director

“”It’s been a great process and experience. I don’t feel like I have to be in on every single communication right away and make sure something’s happening.” 

Brad Windham
Neustar, Sr. Creative Services Manager
“Having never been through building a video before but knowing it was critical to engaging our audience Explainify did an outstanding job of leading the entire process and turning our complex message into core, simple concepts that also lined up so nicely with our brand. Everyone in the company was so stoked with the video”
Ian McKellan

Founder and CEO, The Big Sky

Ian McKellan Founder and CEO, The Big Sky
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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


When you click “Get a Quote,” you’ll reach a short contact form. Shortly after you submit your form, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call with us, at your convenience.

Touch-Base Call

On our call, we’ll review the details of your project, answer any questions you have, and provide our recommendations. We’ll follow up with a proposal that you can review with your team and any other stakeholders.


As soon as you agree to the proposal, we’ll send you a questionnaire and an invitation to a kick-off call, where we can align on your project. We’ll get started immediately, and you’ll always be in the loop. It’s as simple as that.

You Don’t Have to “Know Everything” Ahead of Time. That’s Our Job.

We’ll ask the key questions, provide expert advice (without trying to “sell” you on anything) and offer options that will help you feel confident about your decisions and the end result.

“I love Explainify’s process because it’s so thought out. You’re able to see all the different steps that it actually takes to create the video. You know that they are taking everything into consideration even when I had last minute changes.”
Brandi Peterson

Digital Marketing Manager, Purchasing Power

Brandi Peterson, Digital Marketing Manager, Purchasing Power
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