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Your company exists for a reason. We make sure people know why.

Brand Explainer videos are the most effective way to introduce your brand to the world. Whether you’re doing a rebrand as a company, starting a new business, or just finishing a series of funding, you need to make sure people sit up and realize why your company matters. Our brand video production service is here to help your company tell its unique brand story.

Why Brand Videos Work

  1. Give your best first impression every time.
  2. Easily introduce the benefits of your brand over ‘the other guys’.
  3. Equip viewers with relevant information told through story and compel them with a powerful call to action.
Your typical brand video will be a production that is under 2 minutes long. These videos generate amazing first impressions and equip viewers with some relevant information they need to take the next step towards working with your company. If you think it’s time you made sure the world knows your story, then a brand video is a perfect fit.

It’s a serious category and we had to get it right

“We were concerned about being off-brand, too cute. It’s a serious category and we had to get it right. We realized from call 1 that Explainify is a partner that does video with business objectives and results in mind – and has a super organized process.”
Adam Tishman

CEO, Helix Sleep

Best Brand Explainer Video Examples

Brand Video

Brand Video

Brand Video

Brand Video

Brand Video

Brand Video

3 Reasons To Work With Us

Our CEO, Eric, explains why you should choose Explainify


We focus on your objectives

Every video has to deliver on your business objectives. From day one they are at the forefront of the project and we make sure to deliver.

Research & Insights

We research your project to develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

Our Battle-tested process

It doesn’t create a lot more work for you.

Building powerful brand awareness with video

Your brand is special and has a story to tell. With all the content customers ingest, it can be challenging to share that story. How do you use video to help build your brand the way you really want? You do it by partnering with a branded content production company. A well-designed brand video can tell your company story with the power of animation. Once this valuable asset is ready, it can also be integrated into all of your social media posts to share with followers. Plus, brand videos can be used in your digital newsletter to welcome new fans and clients.

Show and tell at the same time with explainer videos

By showcasing your company with video, you can easily educate and inform customers with excitement. Since the branded video content can be matched to your specific brand guidelines and colors, this digital asset will fit right in with your other marketing pieces. Consider an overview explainer video on your homepage, which showcases your brand as a whole. Share stories about organizations you partner with, including charities you support. Animated brand videos really let you show and tell your story the way you want.

Bringing a “human touch” to your brand

Most branded explainer videos avoid the subject of selling altogether. These types of videos often shift gears and focus more on the human element within your company. It helps to add a human touch to your brand by strengthening your brand voice. If you’ve got something meaningful to share, the right animated brand videography and editing will truly bring that to life. These brand videos are less hype and more about truth. Share your message with the world and bring a human touch by creating a brand video with our experienced team. We even have our Frustration-Free™ process, designed to take the challenges out of the video creative journey.

Advantages of animated branding videos

When you compare live-action footage with real actors to animation, it may not be obvious but there are many advantages that animation has over traditional videos. Not only is it faster and more affordable to do animation, you can do so much more onscreen to captivate your viewers. From beautiful transitions to creative movement, viewers are captivated by the way these modern videos look. It’s likely that your brand uses specific color schemes as part of its identity. The good news is that these animated brand videos can capture that perfectly, along with any other colors under the rainbow to match your brand guide perfectly. The right explainer video is truly a tool that can help lift your brand like never before.

“You make us look like a million bucks and help us communicate our value proposition perfectly. Perception is reality, and the professional video shows that we care in everything we do.”

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Wally Nguyen
CEO, mNectar

wally nguyen

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