Explainify’s Young Creative Competition 



Over the past 10 years, Explainify has produced compelling, creative, and entertaining animated explainer videos for businesses throughout the world. We couldn’t celebrate this pivotal event without also celebrating the local talent that exists within our communities.

To do this, we’re inviting you to enter your artwork so we can showcase your talent to our worldwide audience.

Here’s all you have to do:


  1. Download the Explainify logos – You must include the Explainify logo and Explainify ‘Play Button’ icon in your artwork submission. These are included in the downloadable logo package. The logo may not be altered. See examples below.
  2. Create your best art – Get creative with your design and make it uniquely your own.
  3. Artwork Dimensions &Specs – Minimum size: 1600 x 900 pixels; Maximum file size: Up to 5MB; Supported formats: JPG, PNG or EPS. Keep in mind that we’ll use this on our social media image headers.
  4. Enter & UploadEnter below!
    For your art to be entered, all required boxes must be filled in and submitted by the end of each month you choose to enter. You may enter as many times as you like.

Winning details:

    Our team of animation professionals will choose the month’s winning creative. If it’s you (and we really hope it’s you!), we’ll notify you with all the pertinent info and start showcasing your talent. Explainify will showcase your masterpiece for one month on social media, with mentions in various blog posts throughout the year, and a mention in a world-wide press release.
    Monthly winning creatives will receive ultimate art showcasing on Explainify.com, all of our social platforms, and a $50 Amazon gift card.
    Monthly winners will then be automatically entered to win the Grand Prize of $500 Amazon gift card and a new Apple Watch. Grand Prize Winner will be selected by our panel of judges on 12/31/2022.


Explainify Young Creatives Contest Rules and Regulations


  • Art design may not contain any profanity.
  • Art design will be judged on originality and creativity.  One entry per person, per month (but may enter every month).  Monthly  winner = $50 Amazon Gift Card, Social Media showcase, press release mention.
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges selected by Explainify; all decisions of the judges are final.
  • Entry format accepted: Original artwork needs to be submitted by the creatives in the following format: Minimum size: 1600 x 900 pixels; Maximum file size: Up to 5MB; Supported formats: JPG, PNG or EPS.  Each entry must be submitted via the official Explainify submissions form on this screen.
  • Entry deadline is by the end of each month in 2022.
  • Winners will be announced and notified before the beginning of each month in 2022.  Winners may be required to provide proof of identification to claim their award. No purchase required.
  • No submission will be entered into the contest by any other means than through this submissions form.
  • All entries/submissions become the property of Explainify.
  • All entrants must be between the ages of 12-30
  • By submitting artwork through the official Explainify Young Creatives Contest Submissions Form, you are agreeing to all terms of the Explainify Young Creatives Contest Rules and Regulations.
Waiver/ Disclaimer

Any and all Entries in the Explainify Young Creatives Contest shall be deemed, and shall remain, the property of Explainify, LLC. Explainify shall not be subject to any obligation(s) of confidentiality with respect to any Entries, nor is Explainify liable for any use or disclosure of any Entries. Without limitations of the foregoing, the undersigned hereby grants Explainify a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license of every kind and nature throughout the universe, and Explainify shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the Entries for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the provider of the Entries or any other person or entity. 

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