Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered by existing clients. Unscripted.

Q: What can I expect the process to be like?

A: We approach every project with more than just a "video creator's" mindset. We consider every aspect of your business and start with questions about every angle of what you do. Ultimately, we explore the true story behind what you're doing and develop a killer video in the process.

Q: What about pricing?

A: We find that there's a certain level of production value that is necessary to get any return on your investment. But above that foundation of cost, we have options for low to high budgets. We pride ourselves on finding what fits your brand best, and we recognize that some brands are in the beginning stages of their story while others are in full bloom. It takes time to get there, but we're happy to help along the way and advise on budget with our in-depth knowledge of the animation and video production possibilities.

Q: What's it like to work with Explainify?

A: We understand how difficult telling a story can be from the inside. We also know what it's like to still be on the journey of telling it. When you're working with us to define your project, we structure brainstorming and productive discovery conversations that aid not just in the product we're working on, but the entire way you tell your story to the world. For every client, we hope to leave a lasting influence on their marketing and impact the bottom line today and the strategy behind the brand in years to come. We think of ourselves as a partner, and we hope that you feel the same after your first project.

Q: How do I know if I need an animated video?

A: An animated explainer can break through some of the clutter surrounding your industry. Illustrating your story with premium animators and designer talent can set your brand apart from the typical live-action style featured in most marketing. Animation opens the possibilities for a wide variety of storytelling options and has the potential to free your brand message, taking it to new heights, and converting better.