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Researching Your Goals, Objectives, & Core Message

By becoming students of your brand, target audience, and overall mission, we’ll uncover blind spots and tell the best version of your story

Video Assessment

Fill out our questionnaire detailing your needs & ideas

Kickoff Call

Time to hop on a call, meet the team, & review your assessment

Brand Research

We’ll explore your company’s internal assets & public presence

Our sales reps were having to spend way too much time explaining "what we do" during their sales calls, and as much as we tried to standardize what they said, it never was exactly what we wanted it to be. Explainify helped us distill our message down in a succinct way while staying true to our brand. And best of all, as the project owner, they made the process as simple as possible for me.

Misha Rangel,  Director of Product Marketing,  Outbound Engine

Misha Rangel Director of Product Marketing, Outbound Engine


The Foundation for a Great Video

Now that we have a deep understanding of what you do, let’s turn it into a creative, engaging script that hits your target audience where it counts. We’ve got the know-how and experience to tell stories that stick, but we’ll tailor our writing to your brand’s unique insights. This script is your unique value… in 60-90 seconds! By telling your best story, we’re building the foundation for a great video.

We’re extremely happy with the work and animation the Explainify team have done for Liquid Lock! The creativity, ability to align with our brand’s vision, and tell our story has been nothing but extraordinary. I highly recommend Explainify to any company that is looking to expand their brand’s reach through video.

Christopher Warden,  Founder & Chief Strategy Officer,  Liquid Rock

Christopher Warden Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Liquid Rock


After developing your brand message, we’ll craft storyboards, style frames, and design boards based on your brand’s unique style and tone.

We take the time to build up your video’s skeleton to ensure that we design the perfect images to uphold your message. This is where a lot of production houses cut corners – but it’s so important to ensure your video is exactly right! We’re committed to quality and collaboration. This step is a big differentiator from many of our competitors, and we want our clients to have a say in the creative process from beginning to end.


Our animation artists craft a scene-by-scene guide for the video that aligns with the vision in the script.

Vocal Talent

We work with the best voices in the business. We’ll hand-pick auditions of your script and help you choose the voice that says, “This is us!”

We loved working with Julia on four animation videos for EXtrance. She remained so helpful and patient with us throughout the relationship. We're really happy with all of the work done by the Explainify team! Thank you, Julia and Explainify!

Christian Sovell,  VP Business Development,  EXtrance

Christian Sovell VP Business Development, EXtrance

Animation + Sound Design

After the foundation is perfect, we’ll bring your video to life!

This is the heavy lifting – thousands of pieces broken down and reassembled into moving parts… we’re talking painstaking design, frame by frame, so that you get detailed, top-notch motion graphics that set you apart. In fact, it takes about 8 hours of work to get 10 seconds of quality animation!

When you see the first version of your video, we’ll already have mixed it with a music track and custom SFX – that way you get the full experience! But, don’t worry… if you aren’t a fan of the music or SFX, just let us know and we’ll get you a few more options.

Our team has loved working with Explainify! They made everything super simple and easy and went above and beyond in helping us design an animation of our logo once the video was all finished with. We so appreciate everything they did for us!

Steve Eastlack,  Marketing Manager,  Surefire Local

Steve Eastlack Marketing Manager, Surefire Local

Social Cuts

These shareable, snappy clips will engage your audience like never before!

Our team specializes in editing and optimizing your content for social media and online advertising. We’ll ensure your message shines through, capturing attention and encouraging seamless sharing across platforms.

Let us condense your message into bite-sized videos that will have everyone clicking, liking, and retweeting in no time!

Let us bring order to your process

Reach out for an estimate for your project.