If you just want an explainer video production house, that's not us.

But if you need a partner that can research your message, understand your audience and explain to them what you do and why they should care. We do that.

Your story deserves to be told

We help the world’s top companies to simplify and explain their story using video.

We’ve helped everyone from web startups to Fortune 100 companies create stories that get people to care.  We’d love to help tell your story.


Meet Your Team

Explainify delivers projects on-time and beyond expectations. Our background combines psychology, user behavior, digital strategy, motion graphics, and project management. No other team can deliver to our creative standards and attention to detail.

Eric Hinson

Founder CEO


Krista Hinson



Graeme McLaughlin



Kelsey Potter

Client Success


Randi Wright

Project Management


Our Story

We were tired of businesses missing the point, over-complicating their story and confusing their customers. In 2011, we opened Explainify to take complicated messages and make them simple through short videos. It’s not about dumbing things down – but researching to find clarity in your core message.

Today, Explainify is a market leader for explainer videos and continues to help clients capture attention and motivate action. We create award-winning videos for both funded startups and Fortune 100s, such as Demandbase, GE and Tyson Foods.

We love video.

If you have a project and you think we can help:

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