Corporate Business Video Production and Video Script Writing

Corporate Business Video-Production and Video Script Writing

Corporate business videos present a uniquely effective way to deliver your message. Whether your company is a tiny startup or a multinational corporation, video is a great way to communicate with your target demographic and potential business partners. Working with corporate video production experts can help you with creating visually striking, informative videos that showcase your brand.


Your Goals for Your Corporate Video Production Script

Corporations use videos for a variety of purposes – internal presentations, workplace training, business pitches, recruitment, advertisement and more. Whether you intend for your video to be viewed in the boardroom or posted on your brand’s social media accounts you know that it’s serving a larger objective. And although the end goal of any corporate video is to increase revenue or cut costs, you need to go a step further and ask how you want this specific video to contribute to this goal. Is it generating leads? Is it creating brand awareness? Etc.

Before production can even begin, it is important to define a specific video’s purpose. This will help inform, track, and determine the necessary information you need for your video including the essential target audience.


Elements of Effective Corporate Video Script Writing

Analyze the audience you need to reach. This is key to creating an on-message video script that makes the impact you really want. In particular, you want to identify important issues and problems your audience faces. This puts you on track to show them how you can help.

This approach is especially true for promotional corporate videos but also works for any type of corporate business presentation. For example, let’s say you want to make a company-wide video that summarizes the previous year’s events and activities. Your goal here is to motivate your workforce and encourage productivity. To do this effectively, your script should relate to their interests or concerns. This can mean that the summary of the company’s successes includes a focus on its workforce’s contribution to them.

Just as it is important to include relevant information, it is also vital to avoid cluttering up your production with unnecessary “fluff”. Even though video is a highly engaging medium, that doesn’t mean people will watch anything. Keep your video exactly as long or as short as it needs to be in order to engage your viewers and convey your message.


Basic Components

Generally, a corporate video production script should include the following:

  • A quick introduction – setting the tone and engaging interest
  • The story set-up – showing your understanding of the viewers’ concerns
  • The core proposition – showing how your company helps
  • The hook – individualizing your brand
  • The call to action – showing viewers the next steps to take

Depending on your audience, brand voice, and purpose, these key components can be presented fairly straightforward. Or they may form the framework for a more highly creative, high-concept video. Whether or not they are easily identified, these components are what make your business video effective.


Concept and Tone

In recent years, as corporate video production has gained increased prominence in a variety of settings, the world has seen a great range of creativity in this area. When coming up with a concept for your video, here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Uniqueness
  • Brand voice
  • Target audience
  • Type of video

As business corporate videos become increasingly common, you don’t want yours to blend in with the crowd. You need your video to be memorable, engaging and shareable. You also want to establish a firm link in viewers’ minds between this great video and your company.

However, just standing out isn’t enough. To be effective, your production should genuinely reflect your brand voice and appeal to your demographic. For example, a concept rooted in the latest pop-culture trend is unlikely to appeal to a demographic consisting of people over the age of 70.

Plus, video production is about more than the script. Elements such as music, sound effects, color, motion, and speed all affect how viewers perceive your video. Some productions, especially instructional ones, tend to work best with minimal effects and a focus on the substance. Others may contain barely any words at all, relying on other elements to convey a mood.


The Role of Informational Corporate Videos

One popular type of business video is an informational or instructional video that explains some aspect of a product or service. Healthcare, technology, and finance are just a few sectors that offer complicated products and services. So, for more technically oriented industries, such videos can be key to connecting with consumers and business partners.

It is harder than it seems to create a video that presents a simple yet accurate explanation of the difficult concepts involved. However, such an explanation is vital to attracting customers. People are not likely to purchase goods or services without a clear understanding of why such a purchase would be helpful.


Professional Corporate Video Production

With the prevalence of video editing software, companies sometimes consider making their video productions in-house. While this approach can save money in the short term, it is unlikely to result in a video that will deliver the return you want.

Perhaps you have seen a video that seemed low-budget or minimalist go viral. Typically, the minimalism here is deceptive. In such cases, there is likely a team of professionals behind the making of the video; having analyzed the audience and the brand in order to come up with an effective concept.

Working with a professional production company is the best way to get a video that does what you want it to. Whether you want to promote workplace safety or introduce your new ground-breaking product to the marketplace, expert producers can come up with a concept, develop a script and produce a top-quality video that gets your message across.

Animated explainer videos are a great way to reach audiences. These productions are visually engaging and can convey even difficult concepts in a memorable and easy-to-understand way. At Explainify, we work with companies in a variety of industries to create short animated videos that streamline messaging and pack a visual punch. We don’t just take your specifications and make a video. Instead, we use research and audience analysis to figure out the most effective approach to your business corporate video script writing.

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