Best Banking & Finance Explainer Videos


Animated explainer videos skyrocket engagement as well as ROI anywhere in your funnel.

To captivate the minds and hearts of prospects, financial services organizations need creative visual content. Because, spoiler alert? 

Today over 80% of consumer online traffic is video traffic. That means if you aren’t ‘wooing’ your users with an irresistible animated video – your competition is. A high-quality explainer video will help your brand stand out from the so-and-so’s!

Watch the Best Examples of Finance Explainer Videos

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Explainify has over ten years of experience crafting eye-popping explainer videos for hundreds of US businesses. That includes banks, investment firms, mortgage lenders, bitcoin and blockchain investors, and other financial professionals.

As industry leaders, our Frustration-Free™ production process is battle-tested to take the legwork out of telling and selling your best story.

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Working with Explainify means you get a dedicated team of experts – who dive into the trenches – to research your business, competition, and customers. 

Whether your financial services organization wants to:

  • Soften the blow of explaining complex innovations, like Blockchain
  • Promote new financial services and digital products
  • Amp up customer awareness and loyalty around your financial brand
  • Build trust and persuade investors as a Fintech startup
  • Scale your support or training through a video series
  • Or breeze through an onboarding process to improve customer experiences

Explainify turns cold hard insights into high-performing videos with a healthy dose of emotive and beautiful animation. Evangelize your viewers into raving fans with an animated explainer video.

“The process was very thorough and organized. At all times expectations were clear and the timeline kept to by Explainify.”

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Erica Reyes
Executive, Family Credit Management

Erica ReyesFamily Credit Management

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