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Video Concepts That Can Drive Your Brand to Success

Video Concepts That Can Drive Your Brand to Success

In our almost entirely digital marketing landscape, the importance of digital video content can’t be overstated. Experts predict that by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video, which is 15 times higher than only five years ago (Cisco).

So, needless to say, online video content is an integral part of a good marketing strategy and a strong brand identity—including excellent concept videos.

With that being said, you’re probably asking what exactly is a video concept?

Don’t worry; Explainfy has got your back. In this blog post, we’ll break down different kinds of concept videos and help explain the concept for video making—the hows and whys behind different types of concept videos.

Different Concepts for Different Reasons

Different video concepts exist to serve different goals, and it’s essential to use the right concept for video making that fits your end goal.

Brand Videos

For example, are you trying to hype up your brand, introduce your brand to a new audience, or possibly even launch a rebranding effort for your brand? Then it’s best to use a brand video, a video that specifically highlights the essential points of a brand by focusing on what makes a brand unique.

Brand videos can take on many different styles, but their purpose is to literally sell the brand to people and possibly even a lifestyle alongside that brand. You don’t need to worry about trying to wow audiences with a product or explaining things to people like you will with other types of video concepts.

What sets brand videos apart from another concept for video making, product videos, is the importance of narrative.

Brand videos are all about constructing narratives: the narrative of a lifestyle associated with your brand, the narrative of a rebrand, the narrative of your brand within the greater context of society if you’re making a statement, or possibly even the narrative of your brand itself—it can be great to show the human side to your brand.

This a great example of a brand video from Nike.

Specifically, this is an excellent example of a brand video used to make a statement: to show the importance of sports, and by association, Nike, as a means to unite people, at a time in which it can be so easy to be divided. This ad shows just how important it is to be connected, to stay aware, and to consider the power your brand has for positive influence and change.

Brand videos are great video concepts to use at the beginning of a digital marketing cycle to draw potential customers and people into your world without demanding anything beyond a little bit of their time. Brand videos require very little in terms of active engagement and faith from consumers. They can simply passively take it in, and if you’ve done your job well when you make a brand video, you’ve planted the seeds to make people remember your brand.

Again: think of it as a means to hype your brand up, and that can shape not only the content of your video but the way you produce your video; everything from its style to its length to who it’s trying to speak to what social media platforms you release it on. If you’re trying to hype up a brand, you’re not going to ramble on for minutes at a time. You’re going to keep it short, snappy, and exciting. Maybe you’re focusing your rebrand on a younger audience, so it may make sense to focus your attention on Instagram. Knowing that Instagram has a hard time limit for videos, you have to cut the fluff, and make your brand video short and punchy, which in turn, influences everything about your video concepts: script, style, editing, visual flair, tone, etc.

Also, generally speaking, brand videos are part of a series and speak to one another. You can do great things with building linking brand videos that talk to one another, and reward people for coming back, being loyal, and watching all of your content. It makes people feel connected and invested in your brand.

You can check out this guide to learn a bit more about brand videos.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are another type of popular video concepts that do just as you’d think they do: they explain ideas, or products, or services, to prospective audiences in straightforward, dynamic, and engaging ways to help sell what it is you want to sell.

Often, you’ll see explainer video concepts rendered using animation because it’s so visually appealing, and it helps bring some life to what can sometimes be a bit of a dry subject. It can be a lot for an audience to simply stare at a static image of someone explaining something to them, so if you give them a lot of movement, it helps liven things up. People also retain information really well with visual cues. Many people are visual learners, so it only makes sense to help keep things interesting with the use of animation in explainer videos.

Take, for example, this video about Freighty.

This explainer video does a great job of explaining what Freighty does, and the use of animation helps you visualize what can, at first, seem a bit abstract and confusing. Explainer videos are beneficial for companies, brands, and services that are B2B-focused, or who may offer services that need a bit of explaining beyond a simple elevator pitch, or who don’t offer traditional products that can be sold via brand, hype, or product videos.

Product Videos

That brings us to product videos, and these video concepts, overall, can be summed up in one way: they showcase and attempt to sell a product.

Product videos can take on many different forms, and those forms depend on what makes sense for the products.

For example, one concept for video making is a how-to video, but is that going to make sense for your product? It will if it’s a unique product that needs more explanation in a video? Does your product possibly have extra software involved? Then it might make sense to have a how-to video on how to install it. Or maybe your product is a computer program/app; then it would certainly make sense to have how-to or tutorial-style videos to help people unlock the full potential of your product.

Is your product a physical product that would be better served with a demonstration video showing off your product’s best features? Possibly even against competing brands? What does that look like? Would it make sense to have in-person demonstrations and film them? Can you use animation to help demonstrate things that aren’t going to be as evident to the naked eye?

Product videos are an integral part of the marketing cycle and these video concepts can be the last point for you to drive home a sale because these are your chance to hit home about what it is that makes your product so great. They give people a tangible sense of your product that explainer videos and brand videos can’t.

Different Tones for Different Video Concepts

Briefly, we’ll touch on different tones of video concepts. Consider what you want to say with each video, how you want to say it, and consider your video concepts within the broader scope of your marketing plans and the greater extent of marketing.

You don’t want just to bring the same message and energy every time and with every single video, and you also want to carve out your own identity, style, and niche.

That means you need to have a strong stylistic identity, message, and tone; but also, don’t be afraid to experiment when you need to and change things up when things aren’t working.

Are you trying to convey something serious? Then be serious, and don’t undermine yourself with flashy animation or jokes that don’t serve the material. Everything has its purpose, and make sure it makes sense.

On the flip side, are you trying to be funny and irreverent? Then go all-in, and have a good time, don’t afraid to be weird, and have fun with it.

Are you running a short ad on YouTube that will run for only a few seconds? Then get your point across as quickly as possible and rely heavily on visuals. Are you appealing to a youthful audience? Consider Instagram and know its limits. Don’t let your videos run long.

Whatever you’re doing, consider how you’re doing it, the platform you’re using, its advantages and disadvantages, and how you can use it the best.

Regardless of how you deliver your message, the most important thing is being memorable, and ensuring that people come back to watch more, and if you use the right tone, people will come back for more.

Wrapping Up

We’ve gone over some video concepts that can really help take you to the next level and drive your brand to success. At Explainify, we can work with you every step of the way on your next project, take what you’ve learned from this article and work together, or create videos from start to finish for you. No matter what, you’ll have an amazing suite of video concepts to make your next marketing campaign a huge success.

All you need to do is get in touch with us today!