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6 Ways Software Brands Convert More Leads with Video

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Enterprise Software and SaaS companies understand the value that explainer videos bring to their brands. The value comes in three ways – which also happen to be Explainify’s main pillars) – Education, Revenue, and Awareness. These aren’t unique to Software and SaaS brands but play a large part in the overall purpose and success experienced by brands such as the ones featured in this article.

The ‘Why’ brands use explainer videos often overshadow how they use them. For Software and SaaS companies, we’ve found a systematic workflow in the way companies use their animated explainer videos and a tried-and-true method that helps guide users in every step of their journey.

Let’s take a look at 6 Ways Software Brands Use Explainer Videos:

1. Getting Started

Adding animated explainer videos to your Getting Started documents helps cut back on needless support calls while keeping brands memorable and top-of-mind. This is how LRS IT Solutions explain their product:

2. Trial Downloads

Convert trials into paying customers with animated videos. Once developers get to your website, they’re looking for something that sets you apart from other brands. Enter animated videos! Imagine a video like this one from CompCoin featured on your Trial Downloads page.

3. Customer Onboarding

Bringing new customers up to speed on solutions can be time consuming for any team, especially for Software Customer Service Reps. See how PerkinElmer helps new customers understand their services with one in a series of videos.

4. Demo Videos

Animated explainer videos put a new spin on tired screen-recorded demos and break the mold on how software brands demonstrate solutions. Even new releases become more engaging, dynamic, and memorable. Here’s a great example by Roswell Biotechnologies.

5. New Releases & Major Updates

A dynamic animated explainer video included in a product launch or solutions update announcement makes for a brilliant addition to marketing campaigns. Here’s how MGA Systems uses explainer videos to spotlight a new release.

Watch MGA Systems Testimonial

6. Product Descriptions

Helping users to understand and retain information on Software or SaaS solutions is mission critical for brands. Animated explainer videos make a complicated story, easy to comprehend and enhance the user experience. See how Secured Communications does just that!

Not yet an Enterprise Software brand? Explainify has a journey for Tech Startups too!

Explainers for Tech Startups

Explainify understands Software and SaaS brands because we’ve worked with many of the most popular brands in the industry. For the past 10 years, Explainify has excelled in building animated explainer videos specifically for well-known Software and SaaS brands, such as MOZ, Snowflake, PerkinElmer, Expedia, and more.

Are you ready to improve your UX and set your brand apart from the competition with animated explainer videos? Let’s get started!


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