7 Must-See Software Videos

Graphic of Seven Must-See Software Videos

Software products have come a long way in a very short time. Countless innovations have been made to provide solutions to everything from cyber security and workforce motivation to automated payments and office communication.

How is your company communicating the breakthroughs your software is making in the world? What’s the best way to break through the clutter? Explainer videos are a great option for pinpointing your message to your target audience, giving you the flexibility to explain often complicated ideas in a short amount of time.

Take a look at these examples of software explainer videos from Explainify to discover the unique ways companies are marketing their software.

1. Real-World Applications for AI

How can artificial intelligence support a business’ employees? This video from Capacity shows how their software uses AI to give relief to customer support teams, alleviating some of the menial tasks and repetitive questions from emails, messages, and phone calls. Capacity calls it next-generation support, we call it brilliant. Check it out for yourself.

2. Workforce Motivation

This explainer video from Betterworks shows how their Performance Management Software gives human resource departments a better option to annual employee reviews – one that sets goals, provides feedback, and develops talent. The video also highlights some features of their software including custom program design and app configuration.

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3. Seamless, Accurate and Secure Payments

Sometimes videos are used to explain just how easy a software solution can make often tedious or complicated business transactions. With this video from AvidXchange, customers are empowered to show their vendors how simple it is to pay invoices faster through a software they already use to automate their invoicing and payment process.

4. Salon Management

As we see in this video from Opensalon, a lot goes into managing a salon. In most cases, the manager is also the owner who has a lot of responsibilities, such as managing employees, customers, and many times cutting and styling hair themselves. This video explains the benefits of using Opensalon Pro, a software developed by salon industry experts for the salon industry.

5. Quality Management

Most companies are still using an antiquated paper system for quality management, this poses challenges for quality control managers. Explainify created this explainer video for Cority to illustrate their software’s ability to address issues and cut costs through their user friendly platform. The software can even prepare for audits!

6. Consolidating Office Communications

With texts, emails, and various communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, to name a few, capturing conversations for compliance is more complicated than ever. The Smarsh Professional Archive captures and retains these conversations across all of these different channels – giving users of this software all of this data in one place while staying compliant!

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7. Gaining a Competitive Edge

The business world is more competitive than ever, and keeping up with what your competitors are doing is a huge challenge. Enter Crayon – a software platform that tracks your competition’s online activities across hundreds of millions of sources. Click on this explainer video to discover the power of this competitive intelligence software.

Of course, these are only a few examples of how software companies have successfully communicated their product benefits, oftentimes simplifying the very complicated. Just contact Explainify to find out how we can help articulate your Software or SaaS solution to your target market in an impactful way. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.




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