What is an Explainer Video, and Why Your Business Needs One?

Graphic illustration dealing with why your company needs an explainer video

As streaming technology advances, video-based content is on the rise. In fact, over the past decade, more people have received information through video than ever before, and those numbers continue to increase.

One of the best marketing tools a company can use to capitalize on this trend is an explainer video. But what is an explainer video, and how can it affect your business? In this blog we’ll go over the explainer video basics and let you know how to utilize them.

Explainer Videos, Defined

An explainer video is any short video produced for the purpose of communicating information. These sharable, digital pieces can be used to give potential customers an overview of your products or services. Explainer videos can also be used for tutorials, training, product demonstrations, and any other application where the content informs the viewer. The possibilities are limitless.

Not all Explainer Videos are Created Equally

While a good explainer video can do wonders for your brand, a badly produced video can damage your brand’s reputation. Creating a quality, animated video that makes you stand out from the competition doesn’t come easy. We’re sure you have enough on your plate as is, you don’t have time to babysit a creative team on top of your other duties.

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Marketing Potential, Unleashed

There are countless examples of viral videos changing the market space of several different products. The shareability of the video platform is invaluable, providing a “digital word-of-mouth” experience that captures your brand’s key messaging verbatim. This gives current customers and brand believers the ability to share those messages with potential customers at the click of a button.

Why Explainer Videos Work

As mentioned above, when done correctly, an explainer video can extract and display your core message perfectly. This allows your audience to make an informed decision, giving potential customers confidence in their purchasing choices.

After watching a product video, consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy it. Learn more about video marketing with useful stats in this article from UpCity.

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