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How Hotjar 5x conversions for 58% less
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Start Using Video Strategically!

Achieve real ROI on video-first strategies

Don’t Settle For Less

Use Video Marketing For Success

With a desire to increase the demand for their services, Hotjar knew they had to think outside the box and approach their marketing in a new way. Since little effort was put toward video marketing in the past, they decided it was time to revisit this method and test video ads against their current static ads.


Hotjar’s Experience With Explainify

“It was an exemplary experience and we were all extremely satisfied with the team! They were very clear about what they needed on our end and the process was easy and fun. We are in different time zones but this helped our teams out by giving us time to assemble feedback so Explainify could make the updates quickly. It was simple, clear, and one of the best processes we have been a part of.”

– Sharon Biggar, Director of Demand Generation at Hotjar

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