How a Great Animated Video Can Take Your Corporate Training to the Next Level

How a Great Animated Video Can Take Your Corporate Training to the Next Level

There’s more demand than we’ve ever seen for a decentralized approach to training and team-building in newly-remote workplaces. In a world where the future of traditional 9-to-5 office jobs is murky, we’re seeing more and more companies gravitate towards remote work and remote opportunities that require for employee training and product education. Even before our current global circumstance resulted in more remote workers than ever before, there was a movement towards video learning and corporate video training. That movement is for good reason: corporate training videos are a fantastic way to approach not only onboarding new hires, but also bringing about new initiatives and teaching current employees new skills as you work on new and exciting products and offerings.

In this article, we’ll break down some advantages to not only using corporate training videos but specifically the advantages of using animated videos for corporate training.

First, let’s talk about why animation training videos can be so advantageous over traditional training. First, and foremost, it saves you a lot of time and money, as your employees don’t need to travel to cost-prohibitive conferences. For example, if you have a specialized skill set or new software that you want to train your entire workforce—or even just a subset—previously this would mean sending part or all of your team to a conference or multi-part seminar. That meant not only did you have to pay for the training, but also travel, accommodations, and meals. It also meant interrupting everyone’s schedules, regardless of the projects they were working on.

With corporate video training, your workforce can learn remotely on their schedules, rather than having to come into the office and have someone come in to speak to them—it can save you money on things like speaker fees, and on small expenses like providing food or booking space if your office can’t host. These things add up, and they’re often overlooked until you realize just how much budget you spend on things like professional development.

Another huge advantage to corporate video training is consistency. When you find the right suite of videos, or even create your own, you know that you can reliably get a high level of output, rather than hiring outside speakers and trainers and just hoping for the best.

Plus, it’s widely accepted that videos are far more engaging for people compared to in-person learning via traditional seminars or talks, which means your workforce will retain what you want them to learn that much better.

Now that we’ve covered why corporate training videos are so great, let’s break down some practical uses for them, talk about animation videos in general, highlight their strengths, and finally, we’ll wrap up why using animation should be part of your teaching toolkit for your corporate training videos.

Of course, there are lots of different topics that corporate training can cover, and many different ways to teach them—and way more often than not, using videos is the best choice. To pack an even stronger educational punch, using animated videos is certainly the way to go.

You can create animated training videos yourself. That can be a lot to take on so instead Explainify will produce an incredible, animated corporate training video series for you from start-to-finish through the trademarked Frustration-Free™ video creation process.

Let’s look at the different types of corporate training videos you might benefit from.

Onboarding New Hires

One of the best ways to go about welcoming new hires to your corporation—and getting them on the same page with the rest of your workforce—is via corporate training videos.

When you start a new job, it can be a lot of information to take in all at once, especially from a person talking to you. It’s been proven that many people retain information better via videos, rather than in-person seminars, or simply being talked at for long periods of time. A corporate training video can ensure that you instill your corporate tenants in your new employees.

If you were to use an animated corporate training video on top of that, the experience becomes all the more memorable, and the vital information that your new hires need to remember becomes that much easier to retain. Plus, using animation can help bring a little bit of fun and levity to the whole training process and not make it feel so rigid and boring.

Sales and Marketing Meetings

The best corporate training videos, especially animated ones, can take mundane topics and make them exciting. Even the most enthusiastic number-crunchers and mathematicians have to admit that things like sales analyses or end-of-quarter reports can be a bit dry. But if you can make an animated video out of your sales reports, and give your statistics a bit of dynamism, it can really impact your audience. Not only are animated videos more memorable, but they’re simply more engaging and interesting to watch, and it takes the pressure off of your sales team from having to present the information if they don’t feel particularly comfortable in front of a camera.

Learning About a New Product or Service

Do you work in an industry where you’re constantly launching new products, or you’re expanding your business to take on new services? An animated video is a great way to not only breathe life into things but to help people retain information. In fact, an explainer video can be a great way to introduce your team to a product or service.

Professional Development

Not only can you utilize corporate video training to introduce your employees to new products or services your company will be providing to your customers and welcome new employees, but using videos, especially animated corporate videos, are great for professional development. Animated videos are an effective tool for breaking up the monotony of reading through endless text, or listening to people drone on and one during seminars.

Human Resources

Very important and frank discussions around human resources policies and workplace practices can be incredibly awkward even at the best of times. Especially when, in real-time, you don’t have the ability to be able to carefully consider your words. But using a script in-person can come off as inauthentic and forced. That’s where a corporate training video can come in. The animation can make awkward topics more approachable, and it can also help people focus on the point you’re trying to convey. It can also make something complex more straightforward and digestible. It also lets you say exactly what you need to say exactly how you need to say it. You don’t need to worry about fumbling for words, things being taken out of context, or tone being misconstrued.

There are other different types of corporate training videos that you can punch up with animation, but these are the most frequently produced types of corporate training videos, and the benefits of using animation—retention of your audience, making things approachable, and dynamism—stays the same.

The best animated corporate training videos also often feature the same elements: they’re short, not too hard to understand, use animation effectively to build viewer connections, they consider your corporate brand and ethos, and utilize high-quality art or animation.

Making sure you hit all of those points, while also writing, animating, editing, and producing the video yourself, can be a lot of work. Making animated corporate training videos is a big project, and that’s why Explainify has your back. We’ve got a huge team of experts who can help you through every step of the process, and make things a bit easier for you—or we can take all of the responsibility off of your hands, and ensure that we end up producing something you’ll not only be proud of, but that will produce the results you want—whether it’s just one animated corporate training video or an entire suite.

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