Episode 26

On this week’s episode of the Press Play Podcast, Alex Matulionis joins host Derek Gerber to discuss all of the exciting things happening at CaptivateIQ. Alex is a software engineer with CaptivateIQ, and he is on the frontlines of all the business’s recent and upcoming developments.

“If you need anything for calculating sales commissions and incentivizing your salespeople, CaptivateIQ is the way to go.”


Anyone who has worked in data entry knows it can be taxing. The tedious work of manually entering and transferring large amounts of data into spreadsheets and other programs is often awfully error-prone, no matter how attentive you are. The founders of CaptivateIQ noticed this issue was especially problematic regarding sales and commission management, and they set out to solve it.

Managing and accurately compensating salespeople can be time-consuming, particularly when you have a large team of salespeople making several sales each month. Even the most meticulous and attentive people are likely to make their fair share of errors and miscalculations while tallying commission for each salesperson.

“If you need anything for calculating sales commissions and incentivizing your salespeople, CaptivateIQ is the way to go.” (5:09)

The team at CaptivateIQ believes that paying your employees should be fun and rewarding for everyone, and they make that dream a reality for their clients. Their software takes the hassle out of calculating and paying commission, saving their clients’ time, resources, and mental energy.

With CaptivateIQ, you don’t have to spend weeks learning a new platform. Instead, enter your data on the platform’s spreadsheets and watch as automation makes your job easier. You also don’t have to worry about all the pesky formulas and equations you needed with your old spreadsheets. CaptivateIQ has an extensive library of formulas ready to plug into your spreadsheets, giving you the flexibility required to handle any situation.

“Our platform is super flexible and very dynamic, and it can do quite literally anything you want it to do. However, that’s a tricky problem to solve because with a lot of moving parts, it takes someone who almost has omniscient knowledge of the system. So we’re working tirelessly on improving the whole user experience.” (14:39)

As CaptivateIQ has grown and scaled, the team has encountered a few speedbumps and obstacles along the way. One of which has been simplifying their platform so that anyone can migrate to their software without needing extensive training. With such flexible software, it can be easy to change a setting without realizing it, ultimately altering the whole spreadsheet.

Recently, the team rolled out a few updates, simplifying their software and improving the user experience. Now, with simplified spreadsheets and a new dashboard experience, users can track data seamlessly and visualize their data in all-new ways.

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(0:37) Introducing Alex Matulionis and CaptivateIQ
(4:36) Partnering with Workday
(5:42) Using education as a marketing tool
(10:19) Full-stack development
(12:50) A deeper look into CaptivateIQ
(15:29) What’s next for CaptivateIQ?



Derek Gerber
Alex Matulionis



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