Episode 23

In this week’s episode of the Press Play Podcast, Tim Torigian joins host Derek Gerber to discuss marketing best practices. Tim is the Director of Corporate Partnerships for the New England Free Jacks, a professional rugby team based in Boston, Massachusetts, which recently completed its first season hosting home games.

“We can talk to people not just in New England, but we’ve got fans all over the county, if not all over the world, because our players are coming from all over the world.”


As a budding professional sports franchise in a city known for its passionate fans and championship standards, the Free Jacks have their work cut out for them. Not only does the team have to handle the pressure of championship expectations, but it also has to stand out in a city that is home to a team from each of the top 5 professional sports in the country.

In their fight to stand out from the crowd, the Free Jacks have learned one particular lesson: Content is King. The players have been super cooperative – one might even say eager – when the cameras turn on. They’re always ready to make a new video for a partner, and their personalities really shine through, connecting with their new fans.

“Whenever we have someone who we think is going to be a good fit and we have some great conversations, there’s no shortage of creativity. And kudos to our team and our management. They give us a lot of flexibility and say ‘If you guys have a good idea, let’s run with it. Let’s see what can happen.’” (11:32) 

One of the many benefits of partnering with the Free Jacks is their widespread fanbase. While they are quickly establishing themselves as a must-see sporting attraction in Boston, they’re also growing their worldwide audience. Because of the diversity of their roster, they have fans from all over the world following their social media accounts, making them an ideal partner for many businesses.

“We can talk to people not just in New England, but we’ve got fans all over the county, if not all over the world, because our players are coming from all over the world.” (7:07)

When establishing their partnerships, the Free Jacks want to make sure their organization aligns with their potential partners. They want to treat their partners to a top-notch experience at their games, just as their partners provide high-class experiences for their customers.

“As much as we liked being partners with [Delta], and it’s such a great value, but, you know, we love having them out at games. We try to almost return the favor. We want to make it so when people come out to a Free Jacks game, they have that same experience that they would have if they’re flying Delta.” (7:50)

In a city bursting at the seams with some of the best American sports franchises, the Free Jacks are well on their way to adding their name to the list. Their partnerships, along with their play on the pitch, are to praise. 

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(0:38) Introducing Tim Torigian and the New England Free Jacks
(5:57) How digital marketing is spreading the Free Jacks name
(8:54) Showcasing partners
(13:24) The challenges of marketing a team in a major market
(17:00) What’s next?



Derek Gerber
Tim Torigian
New England Free Jacks 


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