Episode 22

On this episode of the Press Play Podcast, Rick Girard joins host Derek Gerber to discuss hiring best practices. Rick is the CEO of Stride Search Inc., specializing in helping startups make the correct hiring decisions. He also hosts the podcast Hire Power Radio, and he is the author of Healing Career Wounds.

“If you want to be successful as a company, people need to be aligned with the values of the company at its core.”


After establishing a successful career at a recruiting agency, Rick began to notice a plethora of issues in most companies’ hiring practices. Businesses train their employees and management in several areas, but hiring is rarely one of them. Often, when team members are promoted to management positions and need to conduct interviews, they don’t know where to start. Which resumes should I respond to? Who is worth bringing in for an interview? What questions do I ask? How do I know who is the right fit for my business?

“If you want to be successful as a company, people need to be aligned with the values of the company at its core.” (11:12)

Today, many brands see disappointingly low success rates for new hires, and Rick says that standard interviewing and hiring practices are to blame. When managers are lucky enough to receive hiring and interview training, they are taught the same ineffective strategy that has been used for decades.

Questions such as What is your greatest weakness, Where do you see yourself in five years, and Why should I hire you? do not provide the interviewer with any sincere and helpful information about the interviewee. Instead, focusing on the company’s values and the interviewee’s alignment with them will give the interviewer more details regarding how the potential hire would fit within the organization.

“We make [hiring] decisions based on whether or not we like somebody, or whether or not they bring the skills that we need. So we make decisions based on irrational thought patterns that essentially put us in bad positions, and it doesn’t really put us in a position where we’re setting ourselves up for success.” (4:43)

The hiring process is based entirely on how the interviewer feels about the candidate, and the subjective nature of the situation often leads management to choose the wrong candidate. Many times, interviewers will decide to hire an applicant for reasons entirely unrelated to the Job. They might have connected over a shared interest in a particular sports team, band, or hobby in the interview. Still, these attributes offer little to no insight regarding the candidate’s potential organizational fit. If these are the criteria being used in the hiring process, businesses might as well flip a coin to decide which candidate to hire.

“You should be getting an ROI out of every person that you bring on board.” (13:35)

Because of his forward-thinking mindset, Rick’s business has been quite successful. He considers himself more visionary than a marketer, but his brand utilizes an effective marketing strategy. They use a hybrid approach of in-house and outsourced services, and Rick’s book and podcast have proven to be practical resources for potential clients.

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 (0:38) Introducing Rick Girard and Stride Search
(5:55) Success stories
(7:44) The Great Resignation
(9:20) Successful education and marketing strategies
(10:46) Interviews must connect with corporate values
(14:27) What to expect from the HireOS
(19:28) Closing thoughts



Derek Gerber
Rick Girard
Stride Search



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