Episode 19

On this week’s episode of the Press Play Podcast, Derek Gerber sits down with Kim Ades, Founder and CEO of Frame of Mind Coaching and The Journal That Talks Back. Kim is passionate about helping others achieve mental wellness, and she has some creative solutions to accomplish her goals. She and Derek discuss the motivation behind her businesses, how she helps others, and how she utilizes video to promote her ventures.

“What we’re really doing is trying to tell the story, and the story is that there’s a huge issue in the world with mental wellness at a young age. And so the question is, how do you get help?”


Before founding Frame of Mind Coaching, Kim worked for a coaching agency, but she saw a significant flaw in the standard coaching structure. She and her coworkers would help clients accomplish their goals by making actionable plans and holding them accountable, but something continued to stir inside Kim’s mind. What was holding her clients back from creating a plan of action on their own? After all, they were intelligent and capable individuals.

She eventually left the company to start her own coaching business, Frame of Mind Coaching, where she was determined to ditch the accountability coaching model. Rather than making coaches and mentors necessary for a client’s success, Kim wanted to teach clients the skills to motivate themselves to accomplish their goals.

“From the get-go, what we noticed was that if we could lay down the whole accountability model and leave it alone and say, ‘Let’s help people simply think differently. Let’s help them align their thinking in their beliefs with their desires and their goals,’ then they will naturally take action to reach their objectives.” (8:05)

Much like Frame of Mind Coaching, The Journal That Talks Back stemmed from a need that Kim saw in the world. Many of her clients talked about difficulties they were having with their older kids. One kid was struggling with anxiety that hamstrung her at an Ivy League school, another wouldn’t get off the couch to find a job, and a third was sneaking out of her window at night to see boys behind her parents’ back.

As Kim heard the countless stories about these struggling teens, she couldn’t help be think of her own children that had recently entered the workforce. She heard them talk about struggling with the transition to adult life and how difficult it was to accomplish their goals. She wanted to create a solution.

“What we’re really doing is trying to tell the story, and the story is that there’s a huge issue in the world with mental wellness at a young age. And so the question is, how do you get help?” (14:06)

She founded The Journal That Talks Back to help teenagers and young adults find the mental wellness they need. With therapy prices often hovering near $200/hr, Kim knew that many young people couldn’t afford to pay for a counselor, but she was determined to find a solution. She wanted to create an opportunity for young adults to talk to someone about their problems.

“You can have a million goals, but if you have all this chatter running around in your brain that doesn’t let you rest, it’s going to be very, very hard to reach your goals. And then when you don’t reach your goals, guess what happens? The chatter gets worse. It gets louder, harder, and harsher.” (10:23)

Like many of our other guests, Kim primarily uses video and social content to promote her brands. Through her video podcast, Instagram videos, and other social content, Kim reaches a broad audience, providing each viewer with a solution to their mental struggles.

“It’s really important for us to always be adding value when we are creating videos.” (18:22)

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(0:37) Introducing Kim Ades and Frame of Mind Coaching
(6:14) Teaching others how to accomplish their goals
(13:17) Marketing strategies
(19:28) What’s next for Kim and Frame of Mind? 



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