Episode 11

In this episode of the Press Play Podcast, Derek Gerber talks with David Jay, Founder of Warm Welcome, about how using video to bring back authentic human connection can be the difference-maker for potential customers. The pair discusses how imperfect, real-life videos can build trust with potential customers, how video can provide authentic human connection, and what is next for David.

I think frustration is probably the number one driver for innovation, and that’s something that pulled me into software because software can be something that lowers our frustration.


In a world where artificial intelligence is the shiny new object of the future, we often forget about the gravity that human interaction can create. Brands are migrating towards cheaper, scalable

AI-driven solutions in areas like customer service and sales, but is the lack of human interaction causing them to be less effective?

In this week’s episode of the Press Play Podcast, Derek Gerber talked with David Jay, Founder of Warm Welcome, about how using video to bring back authentic human connection can be the difference-maker for potential customers.

As you know, we recently chatted with Maddy Martin from Smith.ai, who believes that utilizing AI allows brands to meet the constant demands of customers who want immediate responses. David provided a different perspective on the topic, as he thinks that brands should focus less on scaleability and more on connecting with and serving the needs of their customers in personal ways.

You see businesses going out of business left and right, day after day, and it’s because they shouldn’t be thinking about it from that standpoint. They shouldn’t be so focused on scaling it. They should be focused on serving their clients, and the fact is humans can do that better than robots. Video can do that better than text. Face-to-face can do that better than something that is infinitely scaleable” (8:30)

For David, the use of video throughout a brand’s sales, marketing, and customer service practices allow the brand to invite the customers into a conversation. Now more than ever, customers want to be part of a conversation with the brands they purchase from. Today’s consumers care about where their purchases come from and what the brands stand for, believe in, and support. A video presents the opportunity not to be a one-sided promotional piece but a medium for discussing what a particular product or service can provide for its customers.

Most is just content that you’re broadcasting out in the world, where I think that’s what’s changing nowadays. Video content is not just a promo piece anymore. It’s an invitation into a conversation.” (23:44)

It seems as if we are experiencing more division and discord in our world than ever before. According to David, the human connections that video grants are integral to people’s ability to connect amidst differences in opinion.

One of the biggest challenges that David is observing the video industry currently is helping people understand that their video doesn’t have to be perfectly polished to be effective. For the last two decades, useful videos have been highly produced and edited, but David believes that this is no longer the case.

The biggest challenge right now for probably any video service is getting people away from feeling like they need to present themselves in this perfect, produced fashion…What’s really powerful now is the video that’s personal, that isn’t perfect.” (9:40)

Imperfect, personal elements within a video are often what shows us as human beings. This human element can be what helps potential clients get to know you and build the trust necessary to work with you in the future.

How will you integrate personalized videos into your marketing strategy?


(0:41) Introducing David Jay
(6:47) Using video to bring humans back into the equation
(9:20) The biggest challenge in video
(11:31) Focus on the customer’s problem
(14:24) Innovation in video
(19:05) People doing business with people
(22:35) Video as an invitation to a conversation
(27:19) What’s next for David? 


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David Jay
Warm Welcome


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