How To Create a Video Landing Page in 3 Steps

how to create a video landing page

Here at Explainify, we have been helping clients create great videos for their business. Video continues to gain popularity as a powerful marketing tool—and for good reason. It has been proven to increase conversions by up to 80%. How? Because it allows your audience to hear and interact with your message with very little effort on their part. It also keeps them on your page longer and naturally increases the level of trust they have in your brand.

Cisco predicts that video will account for 80% of all online content this year. As consumers continue to demand video content, you need to be ready to meet that demand with the right message.

What is a Video Landing Page

A video landing page is just about what it sounds like. A landing page with a video embedded on it, to help provide an explanation to help show the value of the product, service or offer.

Video landing pages come in many different varieties: sales, support, explainer videos—the list is long. One common thread is that a good video landing page always follows a few basic principles: clear direction, an emotional pull, and a high level of trust.

Why Create a Video Landing Page

Besides looking awesome (when created correctly, and to a high-standard), video landing pages have some excellent benefits.

Video Landing Pages Make Complex Products More Accessible

When you have a complex service or business offering, video landing pages make it much easier for your potential customers to have an understanding of exactly what your business does.

The videos have the ability to walk customers through the intricate details of your offerings much more quickly and effectively than traditional means of communication. Which in turn means more sales for your business.

Video Landing Pages Entertain Very Well

Emotions, value and need are what cause people to engage a business. And that is exactly what video landing pages excel at. If you can manage to entertain your site visitors you’re one step closer to actually converting them into being customers.

One of the biggest blocks to getting more conversions is actually finding a way to engage your potential customers. If you can grab, and sustain their attention you’ll be able to convert them much easier.

Your Video Can Work as an Offer

Most people respond to emotional cues, but people also respond incredibly well to things that provide them with true positive value. If your video landing page can bring genuine value and get them to convert, you’ve hit the holy grail!

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Here are three steps that explain how to create a video landing page that will grab your reader’s attention and keep it.

1. Identify your call to action

Before creating any video content, you must first ask what you want your audience to do as a result of watching it. It is usually easy to identify a call to action for a sales-driven video. “Buy this” or “Hire us.” But what about for other types of video? Take explainer videos, as an example. How do you create a call to action when you’re simply trying to explain your product or service?

Outbrain’s explainer video about how to create a campaign is one of the best landing page video examples of requesting an action from viewers based on an explanation. Process, benefits and predicted outcomes are clearly explained in a way that calls for an action– creating a campaign.

90% of consumers report that video helps drive their decisions. If you don’t specifically tell your readers what action you want them to take, they’ll never take it.

2. Find an emotional connection

We’ve all heard the adage that a picture paints a thousand words. That’s the power of video in a nutshell. It engages consumers who may not be persuaded by a written message and uses emotion to tell a story.

Different types of explainer videos use emotion in varying degrees to capture audience attention. For example, this video from Salesforce starts with an emotional appeal to “connect with customers and close more sales in less time.” It then goes on to explain the power of the Salesforce platform, subtly weaving the original appeal throughout the remaining content.

How do you decide on an emotional angle? Get to know your audience to understand how to captivate them. Whether it’s humor, ambition, nostalgia, or even fear– emotion is a powerful driver of consumer behavior.

3. Build trust

After you’ve connected with your audience and convinced them to take the next step with your brand, you need to prove that you can be trusted. 48% of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase from a website that displays a trust seal.

Your video landing page–no matter how exceptional the content may be–is only half the battle when it comes to earning consumer trust. Start by building credibility with your video content and see it through to the completion of the customer journey.

One of the best ways to create a compelling video landing page is to look at examples and learn from the successes and failures of other organizations. Take note of what resonates with you and what misses the mark. Filter everything through the lens of your target audience to design the right call to action, emotional connection, and trust in your brand.

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you need to do to create an excellent landing page video, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about explainer videos. 

Some Video Landing Page FAQs

Should my videos Autoplay?

It turns out that people don’t quite like videos that autoplay. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. And if it happens automatically, without the consent of your audience it can be off-putting. The best way to handle this is to create an A/B split test with one landing page having a video that autoplays, and another that does not. See how it fares.

How long should landing page videos be?

It can be really easy to overestimate how long your landing page video should be. But you should resist the urge to create an 8 minute long mini-film if you can. Attention spans are finite. Usually you should stick to shorter videos for landing pages, around 90 seconds, but can be slightly longer depending upon the complexity of your offering.

Should your video landing pages include animation?

Animation is great for complex products, around here at Explainify, we call them explainer videos. We think that animation is a great option for your video landing page.

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