How to Convert More Leads in 5 Steps with Video Creation

5 Steps to Converting B2B Leads Using Video to Simplify Complex Topics

If you sell B2B software or are involved in a technical industry, breaking down the complexity of your products for customers is no walk in the park.

You first have the task of grabbing a customer’s attention amidst a sea of competition, and then you also have the challenge of successfully bringing them through your sales funnel.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of risks involved for buyers of software. Their decision in choosing a new software will require their company to utilize a great deal of time, resources, and capital to ensure the successful implementation of this software.

With such a complicated decision, you need to make your buyer journey seamless and effective as possible.

So how do you accomplish this?

The hands-down best way is through a video-first, full-funnel strategy.

Strategic videos at the different stages of your sales funnel not only help you break down the complexity of your software, but a video-first strategy also aligns with

 the trend of people self-educating before contacting sales or buying your solution and products on the spot.

The data shows that this is how people want to move through a buyer journey and we have a repeatable and simple formula you can apply to your business.

Let’s take a look at this formula for simplifying complex ideas and how a video-first strategy is the most effective way to bring people through your buyer journey. 


Step 1: Clarify your Target Persona and Their Pain Points

Before jumping into the video creation process, you need a clear idea of who you’re trying to sell to and the problems they face. This means you need to define who the decision-makers are in your targeted field, what they are trying to accomplish, and what pain points they are struggling with when they come across your product.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand where your target persona is in the buyer journey when researching your product. This way you can tailor your videos to match their needs and grab attention with relevant and useful information right off the bat.


Step 2: Simplify your Message by Focusing on Value

If you haven’t already, get crystal clear on what your actual offering is and why it matters to your target persona. Focus on the value your product brings and eliminate any details that don’t matter.

Be sure to separate the benefits of your product from the features. People want to learn how your product will make their life easier, not about the hundreds of complexities and features it has. This more detailed information should come later in the buyer journey.

You also need to fight the curse of familiarity by differentiating yourself from the competition. If it’s not apparent why your product is superior to others on the market, you’ll get passed over.

Your whole goal with simplifying your message is to build a bridge that connects your value to your customers’ beliefs.

Step 3: Hook a Customer Into your Buyer Journey with a Top of the Funnel Video

For your first video, use a “How-to” or explainer video that shows how your product fixes a generic problem. By generic we simply mean using a message that casts a wide net for people that have a common problem within their industry. (This is not to say your video will be generic or of low quality.)

Your goal is to keep people on your page so avoid getting too dense with top of the funnel videos. You don’t want to lose them before they have the chance to discover the full value of your product.

Within your video, provide a call to action that encourages the viewer to continue self-educating by watching more of your videos. Don’t be pushy, but put the ball in their court by recommending where they can go next to learn more.

Place this video on your homepage and also on Youtube. For more insight on top of the funnel video placement, visit this resource.


Step 4: Personalize the Experience through Self Directed Learning as Prospects Move Further Into Your Funnel

If a viewer is interested and follows your call to action from your first video, direct them to a controlled environment where the next stage of videos is gated in order to capture their information.

Once you have customers’ attention, it’s time to give them more in-depth and targeted information. At this stage, It can be helpful to get department-specific with this next series of videos.

For example: 

If your software can help accounting and also human resources departments, make 2 separate videos that address each department. Target your messaging at the decision-makers within those individual departments. The key here is to speak the buyer’s language in order to keep them engaged.

Always be thinking about what your prospect will want to learn next in order to keep moving through the funnel. You want the transitions between videos to be seamless and build momentum to the ultimate goal of converting the prospect into a customer.


Step 5: Track Viewer Data on the Backend and Have Sales Support Follow Up with Leads

With the right video analytics set up, you can track how long people are viewing your videos. 

When your team notices someone has watched the majority or full length of a bottom of the funnel video, it’s time for sales to follow up with them.

You have their information from them accessing the gated content so it’s easy for sales to reach out to them. By this point, your prospect should be well educated by watching your videos, and sales can answer any remaining questions or concerns about your product.


To Recap:

The buyer journey has changed and if you want to align your marketing with how people want to move through this journey, a video-first, full-funnel strategy is your key to success.

If you don’t let go of outdated methods, you’ll limit yourself. If you’re not using different videos for different stages in the buyer journey, you’re simply not following the data that says this formula works.

When you set up your buyer journey in this way, you break down the complexity of your product while also allowing your buyers to self educate which builds trust and empowers them.

If you want more of a detailed breakdown of our proven formula for making complex things simple, watch this webinar. 

If you’re ready to get rolling and build or review your video-first strategy, give us a call today!



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