Why Do You Need an Explainer Video?

Everyone is looking for a reason to ignore you in today’s crowded marketplace. If you’re not telling the right story in an engaging way, your audience is going to dismiss you as being unable to help them. As the digital landscape gravitates toward visual storytelling, it makes to strongly consider getting an explainer video, which is becoming more of a necessity than an option for every company conducting business online.

For those who already have well-known products and easy-to-understand services, an explainer video may be less important to create than other types of videos. For the majority of businesses, however, explainer videos can increase brand awareness and even convert potential customers. If you match any of the criteria below, you should consider getting an explainer video for your business.

6 Excellent Reasons to Get an Explainer Video:

  1. Your products and services are complex in nature and lend themselves to a demo, illustration, or explanation to help consumers understand them quickly
  2. You have a new brand or product that you’d like to introduce to the marketplace
  3. You would like to generate positive PR for your business by clearing up misconceptions about your products and services or showing how you’re giving back to society
  4. You have a complicated business model and would like to explain it clearly while differentiating yourself from competitors
  5. You want to give your audience an “inside look” at your product (and how to use it) before they buy it
  6. You want to show customers how to use your products and services after they’ve purchased

Explainer videos can prove especially useful for technology and software businesses, healthcare organizations, and B2B companies, who often have complex market offerings and need a concise, interesting way to explain them to their target audiences. Explainer videos are beneficial to many companies, however, because audiences have short attention spans and are growing accustomed to visual storytelling.

In fact, according to HubSpot, 68% of consumers say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video, overwhelmingly beating out all other types of content. (The second preference was text-based articles at just 15%). When asked what type of video content they wanted to see, consumers cited explainer videos (39%).

Intro - What Is an Explainer Video, & How Should It Be Used?
CHAPTER 1 - Why Do You Need An Explainer Video?
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