Help anyone understand and care about your technology in 60-90 seconds

Animated explainer videos turn confusion into lightbulb moments and action at every stage of your buyer’s journey.


“We approached a number of leading video production companies; Explainify stood above them all. They not only absorbed what we told them, but knew how to convey our product’s unique benefits with incredible clarity.

Ethan Kim
Senior Solutions Engineer, Panasonic

Your next customer is looking for a reason to ignore you and pick the competition

When you ask customers to sift through walls of text to figure out why they should care about your tech and how you’re different — you lose all but the most motivated.

And with a dozen browser tabs open and disruptive notifications — capturing and holding your customers’ attention is that much harder.

This is where animated explainer videos shine.

Watching a video doesn’t feel like work — it’s entertaining and passive. In 60-90 impactful seconds, you’ll deliver a compelling pitch, give your customers an experience to remember you by, and inspire them to take the next step.


of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch video. (Digital Information World)


more web traffic for companies using video vs. those who don't. (SmallBizTrends)


of users say product videos are helpful in the decision process. (HubSpot)


of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. (HubSpot)


of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. (HubSpot)


increase to email click-through rates by including video in your email. (HubSpot)


increase to landing page conversion rates by including a video. (SmallBizTrends)


of marketers report that video produces more conversions than any other type of content. (SmallBizTrends)

It’s no wonder 96% of B2B companies (your competitors) plan to use video over the next year. (Vidyard)



This is where your video strategy begins. An explainer video delivers the highlights of your brand, product, and sales messages in 60-90 captivating seconds. They’ll go from not knowing who you are to understanding your technology and feeling motivated to take the next step.

Share it anywhere customers learn about you for the first time

Reinforce the brand you've worked so hard to build

Connect with customers on an emotional level

Make the most complex technology and topics approachable

Motivate customers to learn more and take the next step





Let's talk explainer videos

“I wish Explainify only worked with us. I don’t want anyone to find out about you guys… you’re my new secret weapon.  I’m not going anywhere else for video .”

President, DexterEdward


Introduce your brand to the world, control the narrative, and earn mindshare with a brand video. Whether you’re introducing your brand to the world, making a big announcement, or entering a new market — there’s no better way to connect at the top of your funnel.


Tell your story for the first time or make a splash after a much-needed brand refresh. This video ensures current and future customers won’t forget you.


Turn the 15-minutes of fame that comes with product launches and mentions on sites like TechCrunch into new leads and paying customers.


Moving upmarket, or into new verticals and geographies all require tailoring your message. A compelling brand video will prove you belong.

“I needed the right partner to help explain simply and concisely how GE Power is helping the Government of Egypt deliver power to its citizens. I needed this done in a culturally aware format. If you are looking for a company to help you deliver storytelling impact, I fully recommend tapping Explainify .”

GM of External Relations, GE






Your customers need your product — they just don’t know it because they don’t understand what you do. If you’re in tech, a series of product videos can help anyone understand your individual products and features, and how they come together to solve their problems.


Show customers how your product is both different and better than the alternatives that repeatedly come up during sales calls.


Divide your product into bite-sized videos to help customers understand each piece of your product and how they work together.


Use product videos anywhere you touch your customers to attract new customers and upsell current ones on your newest products and features.

“They don’t come to us with a concept until they know they have something that will blow us away — and they always do. I mean, we’ve done 19 videos with them so far .”

Manager, PerkinElmer






Deliver the perfect pitch every time and close the deal. Whether the goal is more sign ups to your email list, free trials, demo requests, or actual sales — sales videos will get you there.


Deliver the perfect pitch at scale with a video, keeping sales calls focused on your customer’s specifics.


Get stakeholders up to speed and exciting about moving forward with a short video. This shortens your sales cycle significantly.


Address common objections such as the cost of switching, poor timing, and comparisons in a persuasive video.

“Our sales reps were having to spend way too much time explaining what we do during sales calls, and as much as we tried to standardize what they said, it never was exactly what we wanted it to be. Explainify helped us distill our message down in a succinct way while staying true to our brand .”

Director of Product Marketing, Outbound Engine





Our people and trademarked process — that’s why successful tech companies choose us



Your video will be touched (with love) by specialists — customer success people who care about your success, project managers who manage projects, script writers who write scripts, animators who animate, voice actors who… you get the point.

Explainer Video Success Manager - Drew

Drew Fitzgerald

Video Success Manager

When you reach out to tell us about your project, you’ll talk to Drew. He’ll take the time to understand your business goals, answer any questions about us and video in general, and determine whether we’re a fit. He’s also the one who ensures you milk every last drop of value out of every video.

Explainer Video PM Team - Kelsey & Randi

Kelsey Potter & Randi Wright

Project Management

We assign two (2!) project managers to your project. With Kelsey and Randi on your side, you won’t have to wrangle a team of creatives. They’ll get the best work out of the best talent, making you look like a hero without adding work to your plate.

Explainer Video Strategy - Graeme

Graeme McLaughlin


Without Graeme on your team, you get a pretty video (hopefully) that sits on a web page somewhere, accomplishing very little. With Graeme, you get a stunning custom video you can slice, dice, and distribute across channels.

Explainify CEO - Eric Hinson

Eric Hinson

Owner & CEO

The guy Entrepreneur, Wistia, and HubSpot call on for his video wisdom still gets involved to ensure you’re blown away by your video and its impact on your business. If he were a consultant, he’d cost a fortune (we throw him in as a deal sweetener).


Tell us what you need to accomplish with this video and our 5-step Diamond in a Haystack™ process gets you there without a hitch. And yes, that “™” is real.

“The entire process ­­— start to finish — was fantastic. Very smart, very strong, flexible team. They killed it. Never a complaint. We narrowed our decision down to 4 companies. You won on PROCESS and not shying away from QUALITY and PRICE .”

VP of Marketing,


You get a real partner in us. We take the time to understand your tech, brand, and customers, and then uncover your core message.


You leave with the perfect 60-90 second pitch you can use across channels, no matter how complex your technology is, or how unsavvy your customers are.


We won't go dark and surprise you with a "finished" video. You get to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first.


We get the best in the business to audition, filter any off-brand vocal talent, and then work with you until you shout "this is us!"


When you see your custom animated video, the only surprise will be how it somehow turned out even better than you imagined.


How are you different from the other video vendors?

We’re most often compared to the quick and cheap vendor and the we-do-all-things-video vendor:

1. The quick and cheap vendor treats you like a number, forces you through their “process” and gives you a take-it-or-leave-it video in the end. They must operate this way to deal with the volume required to make a decent living at their discount rates.

2. The generalist video vendor is pretty good at all types of video. We believe “pretty good” is passable for all video types except animation because anyone can spot a budget animation video, and shotty, cookie cutter animation is the quickest way to tarnish your brand.

We have a proven process, use the best specialists at each step, loop you in regularly, and make room in our process for revisions. Animated explainer videos are all we do and we focus on tech companies like yours. If we sound like a fit, you should contact us today because we give everything we’ve got to just a few clients at a time.

How long does a project take?

It takes us 8 weeks to do this right. Nail the script. Design boards you can’t wait to see animated. Voice actors that capture your brand. Animation that screams premium. And sound designers that bring it all together.

However, if you’re in a rush, reach out and we can usually find a way to deliver what you need (and we’ll be honest if we can’t).

What should I budget for?

The army of talent behind your video isn’t cheap because they know how amazing they are. Most of the videos you see on this page are $12k or more (let us know if you’re on a budget and we’ll tell you what’s possible).

Fortunately, our clients repeatedly report a positive ROI (e.g. CaseComplete added a video to their already optimized landing page and recently reported a 23% increase to conversions).

What’s the next step?

Tell us a bit more about your project and set up a call with Drew, our video success manager.

During this call, you’ll get answers to any questions you have about us and video in general. And we’ll have some question for you, too.

We’ll know whether we’re a fit, or if you’re better off working with a different vendor (we’ll point you in the right direction if so).