How to Use Explainer Videos in Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Many businesses seeking explainer videos know that they need a video, but they aren’t sure how to use it or what results they should expect. And this is OK! The truth is, explainer videos work best as components of a larger strategy, but simply looking to get a high quality video is a step in the right direction.


Using Explainer Videos in Your Marketing: Considering the Whole Funnel

The key objective of a sales funnel is to generate leads or potential customers. When you use an explainer video in the context of your funnel, you should be thinking about what stage in the process it will be most useful to you and why. Because explainer videos aim to educate your audience, they do best at the top of the funnel (at the primary interaction point) or post-funnel (when you are teaching current customers how to use your products or services).

You can even put an explainer video on a targeted landing page where you plan to drive paid traffic. If you have this page in place prior to using a video, you’ll be able to see the “before and after” effect once you add a video to the page.

When you know where your explainer video will go and what goal you want to achieve, you’ll be more prepared to create a high-impact video. An explainer video should solve a specific problem of understanding for your audience, and using it within the context of your funnel makes it more effective than it would be on its own. However, the beauty of an explainer video is that it can be used as a standalone or as a component in multiple promotional strategies.


Using Explainer Videos in Your Marketing: Choose Your KPIs

Before you get an explainer video, identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your current marketing strategy as well as for the video you want to develop. If you convert 20% more leads because of the video, is that important? If you simply get a bump in your overall site traffic — or even your sales — due to this marketing effort, will you be satisfied? It’s best to come in knowing what signals you’d like to measure. You may want an explainer video for your business in general, but if you have complex products and services, you could do well to create an explainer video specific to each one. With KPIs already in place, you would be able to see that cost-benefit ratio more easily.

Intro - What Is an Explainer Video, & How Should It Be Used?
CHAPTER 1 - Why Do You Need An Explainer Video?
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