How Much Does It Cost to Make an Explainer Video?


Range of Pricing for Explainer Videos

The cost of an explainer video can vary widely. You can expect to pay between $1,500 and $25,000 for an animated video and between $30-35K for a live-action video, but those numbers deserve some context. Video production is naturally expensive and multi-faceted — but as discussed above, it can be well worth your investment.

The Cost of Animated Explainer Videos

The low end, between $1,500 and $8,000, will generally get you a video that is templated and uses limited resources. You can get a decent video, but the risk of misrepresenting your brand or getting a cookie-cutter final product is higher. If you’re limited to a budget within this price range, just make sure that you ask an explainer video company these 3 questions before you hire them.

The high end ($25K) is for animation you’d see on major broadcasting networks on TV. You will probably not be seeking this type of quality for a video, so make sure that you don’t pay this price for anything less.

Everything in between — from $8K to around $25K — will get you a good video, but you should be getting far more than just a product. In order to get something that will really work for your business, you need a partner, not just a vendor. Great video companies will genuinely care about your brand and help you drill down into your message, illustrate it well, and help you put it in the right spot so that you can achieve greater success for the valuable resources you’re spending.

The Cost of Live Action Explainer Videos

Live action explainer videos are estimated to run between $30-65K, and the reason is because you’re dealing with actual production assets and human resources. Booking a location, casting actors, purchasing props, and getting a wardrobe are just one piece — you will need to pay for a director, sound engineer, a cinematographer and other production associates, as well as editing and post-production work.

If you’re a large company and a live action video would fit the style and message of what you’re trying to do, this may be an excellent investment. As is the case with animated videos, you just want to make sure that the video production company you’re working with is detailed, organized, thoughtful, informed, and has your best interests in mind.

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