What Is an Explainer Video, and How Should It Be Used?


What Is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that clearly explains the products, services, or nature of a business. Its primary purpose is to educate viewers, and it can be either animated or live action. Explainer videos can have a selling angle — encouraging prospects to buy a product, engage in a service, or increase their affinity for a certain brand — or they can teach people how to use something they’ve already purchased. The popularity and usage of the explainer video has increased due to the natural expansion of Internet marketing, especially direct-to-consumer marketing. 

Explainer videos can increase the speed of understanding, helping audiences connect faster with businesses and products. They also communicate the essence of a business’s brand.

Why Use Explainer Videos? How Should an Explainer Video Be Used?

Explainer videos are designed to lower the barrier of entry for potential purchases and engagement, and they work best within the context of a complete marketing strategy. They are most often embedded on website homepages and landing pages so that consumers see and watch them first before continuing to browse.

An explainer video will be far less effective if it’s buried somewhere inside your website or a user has to scroll down through several sections in order to see it. Because it’s an excellent vehicle for positive brand impressions, it yields the greatest results when it’s the first thing that a site visitor interacts with.

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