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It probably comes as no surprise when we tell you that videos are currently the most popular way to take in information online – especially among younger people. In fact, younger media consumers (those between the ages of 13 and 24) spend as much time watching non-TV video content online as they do watching traditional television – about 11.4 hours a week This rise in popularity is due in no small part to the recent pandemic when over 80% of parents in the U.S. had children learning from home at some point. During this time, remote learning forced educators to get creative to capture students’ attention and keep it. What technologically adept teachers discovered, was that explainer videos are a great way to engage young minds that have been consuming video content for much of their lives.  But, not every teacher is comfortable in front of a camera. There are also several other factors: what if a teacher’s style doesn’t translate well to video? What if there’s no quiet place in the home or classroom to record a video? It can be a lot to take in. Teaching is a difficult enough job already without having to consider educational video production on top of everything else.

Explainify can Help.

Let teachers worry about teaching and not the time-consuming, difficult process of video production. Explainify produces videos for education that can teach students difficult concepts. These videos have been proven to improve learning in online education. They’re also an invaluable tool to use in the classroom as well.  Educational videos, especially animated educational videos, convey ideas and concepts in new and exciting ways. These videos also give teachers and students more flexibility, allowing them to assign or view these videos whenever they fit into their busy schedules. They can be treated like homework. Think of them as required home viewing rather than required home reading.  While learning with an explainer video, students have the option to rewind as many times as they need to understand. This is a better option than having a teacher repeat several times for one student during a traditional lecture.

Messages Perfected.

With educational explainer videos, teachers can rest assured they’re delivering information in the best possible way. The script can be perfected, with many iterations, until the message is clear, concise, and presented in a way that’s easy to understand for students.  Explainer videos are great for visual learners – utilizing techniques that may be impossible for teachers teaching remotely or even in the classroom. For example charting timelines, referencing maps, or demonstrating graphs are more easily digestible visually in animation than they are on a blackboard.

Let us put our experience to work for you. Diversify your learning methods and engage your students in new and exciting ways with animated education explainer videos from Explainify. Give educators the tools to engage young minds, contact Explainify today!

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