3 Examples of Brands Doing Social Media Video The Right Way

3 Examples of Brands Doing Social Media Video The Right Way

Social Media is dominating many companies’ marketing efforts in 2018. Video social media content is booming, and the majority of social platforms are well aware. 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day!  The American Marketing Association states that by 2019, 85% of search traffic will be driven by video content.

Facebook has also put an emphasis on social media video content in the news feed with their newest algorithm update. The update is enticing people to become more active on Facebook Live and the “Creator” app as well. Social media video content drives engagement and is catching the eyes of your audience and you need to be prepared. If you’re unsure how to create watchable content on your own, check out our guide to social content production, or hire a firm to create your content for you!

Not sure where to start? Take inspiration from these three brands that are using social media video to successfully create conversation among their fans.

 1. Adidas

Calling all Creators. Adidas launched a video campaign on social media, television, and adidas.com called Here to Create. This campaign combined the most influential creators, from athletes to designers, and seated them all at one table. The passion to create embodied the Adidas movement to shape something completely new. This video series focused on their message and star power.

2. BuzzFeed Tasty

You’ve seen the quick ‘how to’ videos plastered all over your Facebook feed. These videos are known for going viral. People share them frequently for a quick reminder of a great recipe and to show all of their friends. These videos are simple to understand and easily replicated. Some of the top recipes Tasty has posted have received over 202 million views. Check out a few below!

Recently, Tasty did something a bit different when they collaborated with Migos to make their Stir Fry Video. This video is eye-catching, shareable, and current with pop culture. With over 84K shares, 110K likes, and 9.9 MILLION views, Tasty hit the mark with this influencer video.

3. Red Bull

Did you know that Red Bull was the most shared video brand of 2016? Red Bull is known for their spot-on video content strategy. In 2012, they created the space diving project which was viewed live by over 9.5 million users!

Red Bull uploads videos often and videos receive many views. With their 6 million YouTube subscribers, Red Bull receives even more engagements. Red Bull’s videos are adventurous, and they always manage to stay on brand. Take a look at the Red Bull Best of 2017!

All of the clips in the video are adventurous and exciting which is exactly what Red Bull strives for. Red Bull invites you to “buckle up” for 2018 as they show you all that 2017 had to offer in this compilation. This was a great introduction to a new year full of outdoor activities because the music was vibrant and each clip showed different action clips. Prepare yourself for an exciting 2018 with Red Bull!

These three brands are truly on top of their game when it comes to social video. Each video takes a large amount of thought and effort to stay on brand, but when you do it right it will create conversation among your fans.  As we head through the rest of 2018, one thing is certain – you can’t ignore the amount of impressions and engagement that will be driven by social video. Take inspiration from other brands such as the three above, but most importantly stay true to your brand and get creative.

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