No Time for Mistakes: Why You Need a Video Marketing Partner You Can Trust

We could begin this post with countless statistics that prove video marketing is the future of getting your brand story out into the world. But, chances are, you already know the stats.

If you already know that video is a crucial part of your company’s future, then you understand that video has to be quality. So you also don’t need us to remind you of why you shouldn’t settle for a cheap explainer video.

If you already know all that… what’s left to talk about?

Well, even if you do understand the need for quality video, you may not have considered another necessity – a trustworthy, long-term video partner. So let’s talk about why you may want a more permanent relationship with the video marketing agency you choose to work with.

You’ve Been “Burned” Before

For business owners and decision makers, it’s hard to admit any mistakes (no matter how humble you try to be). But unfortunately, when those mistakes come in the form of a poorly constructed video, hiding shortcomings becomes impossible.

Whether you hired a “value video service” (we call them “bargain-bin producers”), or you botched an in-house production, you’ve probably realized that finding someone awesome to work with isn’t as easy as it looks.

If you’ve blown your first (or second) attempt at video marketing, don’t give up! Just make sure when you get back on that horse – that the horse is more reliable next time.

Finding the quality you need

It’s easy to talk about hiring a quality production partner. But what does that actually mean? Here are a few key indicators that you’ve found a production house worth partnering with:

  • Deep Research: Moving past the first impression (e.g. demo reels, intro pricing) and dig deep into the actual results their videos have delivered to clients. And be sure to take a look at their most recent client work to see their current skill level. Are they consistently getting better? Or has their video quality slipped in the past few months?
  • Creativity is Non-Negotiable: Looking for a service that reinforces and fosters creativity is a must. You want to partner with a video marketing service that puts a premium on both quality and creativity. Do you know the name “Spielberg” because he mastered his camera equipment – or because of his imagination?
  • Budgeting Skill: Video is probably the best example of the term “you get what you pay for” we can think of. Even with this in mind, it’s important to work with professionals who will clearly explain their budget and hit the target. You don’t want to reach the end of the project, only to find that you owe them a couple thousand more dollars than you expected!

Bonus Resources: If you’re a bit lost and don’t understand how to find/hire a quality video production house, you can check out these awesome resources here and here.

The Key to a Long-Term Fit

Now that you’ve brushed up on your ability to spot a winning video production service, it’s time to find the “secret sauce” that will merge your companies together into a lasting partnership that drives mutual growth and success.

The key to remember here is what makes your brand unique. Your company’s culture and story creates the environment your employees and customers experience over the long haul.

Adding a production house that doesn’t jive (sorry to use such a technical term) with your overall values may create a rocky relationship down the road.

We’re not talking about superficial differences. We’re talking about your core values. Some of which could include:

Sure, every company says they have these qualities, but are they really, truly embedded values that run deep in their culture?

Take some time to observe potential partners and the answer to that question will become clear.

Explainify is always on the lookout for partnerships that will last. We enjoy some great relationships with startups, agencies, and even fortune 100 companies. If you are ready for a partner that will create excellent quality videos and mesh well with your values, contact us.

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