Video Advertising: The Next Marketing Goldmine

We watched Captain America: Civil War recently and it got us thinking; what kind of superpowers should marketers have? Well, we went out and found some pretty super marketing content to help your business objectives fly up, up, and away. So use that X-ray vision and look through this article for a fun and explosive ride!

5 Psychological Triggers That Will Enhance Your Marketing Superpowers (Drip)

Maslow’s Hierarchy is something often referenced by business people and marketers. But what does it really mean to tap into consumer psychology? This article breaks down some helpful tips to help you break through the noise and communicate with your customers.

Your Value Proposition Isn’t What You Say (Partners in Excellence)

Ready? Think about your marketing catchphrase or slogan. Got it? Good. Now the bad news. It’s not as important as you think it is. Value propositions are not magical phrases, but actions you take on your client’s behalf to set them up for success.

Are Video Ads The Next Video Marketing Goldmine? (Explainify)

By now, hopefully you know that this is the year of video marketing. But what exactly does that mean? Well, one thing is the rise of video ads. With exponentially better conversion rates, could this be your golden ticket to business success?

Two Ways to Simplify Your Leadership Style (Inc.)

People have written thousands of pieces on leadership. So what makes this one so great? Because to become a better leader, you have to simplify. Read inside for 2 quick ways to start leading better today!

Most People Aren’t Willing To Pay Even $1 A Year to Avoid Mobile Ads (Business Insider)

Everyone like to talk about how annoying ads are, but it turns out that is mostly talk. Check out this sweet study and graph to find out exactly how much people would pay to tune you out. Maybe it’s time to start investing in some ads?

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How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Grow

Small business video content can be intimidating, though, especially if you’re just starting out. There are so many different kinds of small business video content, and they all have different purposes. That means it can feel overwhelming to start from zero and expect to get to a hundred.

Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples for 2021

Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples for 2021

In this article, we’re going to look at five examples of some great corporate videos and pull out what you can learn from them, as well as explain what we can do here at Explainify to help you produce an incredible corporate video.


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