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How to Create High-Converting B2B Software Marketing Videos

How to Create High-Converting B2B Software Marketing Videos

Over the years, marketers have witnessed the rise of video. Today, 95% of marketers who used video last year plan to continue doing so in 2020, and will invest more in the medium. They’ll be joined by a further 59% of marketers who hadn’t used video before. This means that the B2B software market, like many others out there, is only going to get more competitive. Brands will ramp-up their digital footprints using video to strengthen their messaging, nurture leads, and influence buyers, and so should you. In this blog post, I’ll share an easy-to-follow four-part framework for creating high-converting B2B software marketing videos. We’ll dig deep and explore your audience and the importance of the buyer’s journey in the context of video marketing. We’ll also look at how to ensure that your message is as powerful as possible. Lastly, I’ll show you a simple three-step process creating effective videos and offer tips to accelerate your results.

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