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Chances are you’re on the right path to telling a story that matters

Freedom To Think & Create Amazing Explainer Videos

What I didn’t realize, when I held a salary position, was the amount of cool people I was missing out on meeting and my true potential. As I stepped out and launched a startup it really stretched my brain on the best process to make explainer videos for our clients...

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Comprehensive List of Slide Share Resources

Comprehensive List of Slide Share ResourcesFor all the fact-checkers, stone-turners, and get-to-the-bottom-of-it knowledge sleuths out there: Here are the sources we used to create our SlideShare, "5 Reasons Reason Why Ignoring Video is Hurting Your Profit". Some of...

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Six Tips to Get a Mind-Blowing Story

Looking for a handy dandy guide on how to make your story more effective? Never fear! Explainify has some quick-hitting solutions to get you on the path to a simple, yet powerful, story. Let's get started: 1. Keep it Simple & Short - About 150 words is all you can...

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3 “S”s of Storytelling: Speed, Story, Sizzle

3 "S"s of Storytelling: Speed, Story, Sizzle Storytelling is the most important skill business leaders need to learn in the next five years!  This is not one of those things they teach you in most business schools, and it's also not something covered in a lot of...

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