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Explainer Video Creation Process

How to Get Better Qualified Leads & Faster Sales with Video (Checklist Included)

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Explainer videos, done right, are assets. Assets that continually produce a return on your investment. Here are just a few ways videos can support and amplify your marketing and sales. More Leads: Increase the quality and quantity of leads from your marketing an educated buyer who understands your story and is ready to commit to next step using video to move people forward in buyers journey, not just tactics Continuous Leads: Get more qualified leads, every day. No more days of sporadic or zero leads. A great explainer video is an evergreen marketing campaign that brings you new customer sales,…

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FDR Change Management

Using Video In Your Change Management Plan

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Big changes and announcements always rock the boat. Sometimes in good ways, too. But all too often, executives wish there was an option to communicate the change (in a positive light) to everyone who will be affected. This post is to help you discover the potential of using video in your change management plan.

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