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6 Great (And 1 Terrible) Examples of Brand Storytelling in Video

Your brand has a story, whether you know what it is or not. Related: [Free Guide] How Your Brand Story Makes You Money Seriously. People are coming to your site, buying…

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brand storytelling

Mobile Video & Users: A Timely Guide for Not Looking Silly on Phones

Half of your traffic is mobile. Let’s say it again: half of your traffic is mobile. Yes, you heard right. Maybe more than that depending on your industry and clientele.…

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explainify content roundup - brand positioning

Content Roundup – The Scary Side of Marketing

As marketers and businesspeople, we need to be concerned with what is going on around us. But all too often, we get sucked into our day-to-day routines and just fail…

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video marketing partner landing page video

How to Use an Amazing Landing Page Video the Right Way!

No, there isn’t only one way to use video on a website. Related: 27 Ways to Use Video Marketing You Haven’t Thought Of Yet Don’t think we’re trying to tell…

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video marketing statistics

Boring 2017 Video Marketing Statistics AND How to Make Them Awesome

Yeah, we said it. Stats are boring (in and of themselves). These factoids look great on a slideshare and can be dressed up to make people think you know what…

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explainer video production company? DIY? What's the right answer?

The Most Important Aspects of a Great Explainer Video

Quality video is important for branding and image, but the most important aspects aren’t in the visuals. Don’t get us wrong, we love making gorgeous animated videos. Related: 5 HUGE…

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