When Is The Right Time for an Explainer Video?

When is The Right Time for an Explainer Video

You might be curious about explainer videos or you may have seen your competitors use them.

You might wonder: “Are we ready for it?” “When is the best time to invest in an explainer video?”

But the real question you should be asking is “Does every member of our team, across all departments, in-house and out, have a crystal clear understanding of what our business does?”

Most would hesitate to give a 100% yes to this question because, with so many moving parts in a business, it’s hard to tie together the internal voice of your brand. And when this internal voice isn’t cohesive, that confusion gets passed on to your customers.

The need for an explainer video isn’t experienced at one specific moment or stage in your business but in the fogginess of how your team and customers understand what you do. If there’s anyone in your business that doesn’t understand your true value, then how can you expect your customers to?

That fact of the matter is there’s no ideal time other than NOW to invest in an explainer video. Just like starting a diet, today is the best day – you can always benefit from telling your story better.

You may have considered getting an explainer video for an upcoming rebrand, product launch, or other marketing and sales efforts. And these are all great things that video will help support. But you don’t have to wait until these things come up to get clear on your message. 

The sooner you get clear on the message, the sooner you can maximize all these other efforts.

Let’s take a deeper look at why NOW is the best time to get clear on your message by creating an explainer video and how this clarity supports the other marketing and sales efforts of your business.


The Clear Message Found in Explainer Videos Reduces Friction in the Buying Process

To move a customer through the buyer journey, they first need to understand what you do. When there is confusion, especially at the top of your funnel, it creates unnecessary friction in the buying process. 

To avoid this friction, you need a simple and effective story (in the form of video) at the top of your funnel. Not only does this increased understanding make your initial touchpoint highly engaging, but it also leads to better conversion rates down-funnel.

This clear message will also support sales efforts by building momentum early on in the buyer journey and speed up the overall sales cycle. Furthermore, customers are much more likely to take immediate action because an explainer video builds trust and confidence in your business.

In fact, according to MultiVisionDigital, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching an online video about your company.

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Explainer Videos Automate and Simplify your Story

If there’s a disconnect between how the different departments in your business talk about your products, it’s likely that your customers will have mixed feelings about your business. That’s why it’s so important to align all these voices into one cohesive story through an explainer video. 

With a concise and universal narrative, your story can cross product lines and appeal to all of your customer industries. Your different departments also don’t have to think so hard about how to communicate with customers because your explainer video becomes your consistent delivery mechanism for your story. Just think how effective your team can be when they deliver a perfect pitch every time they communicate with a customer.

On top of having more effective customer relations, simplifying your story helps reconnect the vision of your brand with your employees and other vendors that might work with your business. From an employee perspective, an explainer video helps to build up your brand feel and gets them excited about your business. In the case of remote workers, this video can help them feel more connected to the culture and mission of your business. Additionally, for outside vendors, video helps them to represent your business in a way that is consistent and on brand.


Explainer Videos Cater to the Way People Consume Content

With video replacing traditional advertising and consumers having shorter attention spans, people want to get to know and like your business in a shorter amount of time. They have come to expect video and an explainer video builds trust and introduces your product in a way that’s easy to consume.

If your business is thinking of undergoing a big change such as a rebrand or entering a new market, you need to be able to connect with your audience by providing information in a format they desire and are most likely to consume.
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Clarity is essential when communicating any of these big changes:

  • New website
  • New positioning
  • Product launch
  • Fundraising
  • Upcoming event

Video is the best tool to support these changes and also makes the following efforts more successful:

  • Educating customers
  • Increasing awareness
  • Helping customers understand
  • Lead generation
  • Inspiring action
  • Differentiating from competition

Explainer Videos are Effective for Businesses of All Sizes

It would be quite a challenge to find a business case that wouldn’t benefit from the use of an explainer video. From startups to large corporations, all businesses can reap the rewards of telling a more compelling story through video.

The great thing about working with a vendor to create your explainer video is that they can alter the approach to the video based on the size, complexity, and needs of your business. If you’re a pre-revenue startup and want to look more professional before going to market, there’s an approach for that. Or if you’re an established company looking to level up amongst competitors, video is a great way to pull ahead.

If the rest of your competition isn’t in video, it’s a good time to get ahead and change your messaging to match the format that people want to consume. And if they are in video, maybe they did it cheaply and in a way that doesn’t align with their brand value. This gives you an opportunity to look more professional and stand out. 


NOW Is The Best Time for an Explainer Video

By now, we hope it’s been made clear that there’s no better time to get clear on your message by creating an explainer video. Telling a tighter story that your whole team aligns with is the best way to start educating customers and increasing sales. And by providing content that people want to consume, it also reduces friction in the sales process and builds trust along the way.


*A Challenge for YOU*

If there’s still resistance to the idea, we challenge you to ask people from your team and customers what they think your business does. If those answers aren’t consistent, you’re in need of an explainer video.


To learn more about creating an explainer video, book a call today to talk about your project.

If you’re convinced and on board, that’s great – now let’s talk about how to get the rest of your leadership team excited about an explainer video project. If you know it’s going to be an uphill battle… we created this guide on How To Pitch the Value of Explainer Videos to your Leadership Team.