Ways Enterprise IT Software Brands are Improving Video Marketing

When it comes to Enterprise IT Software, some of the industry’s most innovative brands are utilizing explainer videos in ways never seen before. Some software companies currently use as many as 70 to 100 videos for their different branches, offices and other applications – with videos for everything from brand marketing and learning tools to product demos, client onboarding and employee resources.

Enterprise IT Software brands such as ServiceNow, SecureFrame and SnowFlake have partnered with Explainify to create explainer videos for a myriad of purposes. Explainify makes it easy with our Frustration-Free Process. Here are even more examples of Enterprise IT Software videos used in new and exciting ways.

1. Modernizing Businesses

As we see in this video created by Explainify for LRS IT Solutions, their new IBM Hybrid Cloud gives companies access to data anywhere at any time while creating innovative customer experiences.

2. Mitigating Risks

With today’s complex and highly distributed networks, Enterprise Software faces new threats daily. This explainer video illustrates how Gigamon combats these threats by giving your security teams and tools complete, unified network visibility.

3. The Importance on Analytics

In another video from LRS IT Solutions, we see how the LRS big data and analytics group helps customers manage the overflow of data – delivering better and faster data to their customers.

4. Integration

This video from RollBar shows how the continuous coding proofing platform can be integrated with Hashicorp Terraform. By doing this, customers can automate the Rollbar platform itself. Learn more here:

5. Team Ups

In another video from Rollbar we see how RollBar, when paired with GitHub, can give you the ability to capture errors as they happen – resolving them painlessly. Take a look:

As you see, the ways EnterpriseITSoftware can use explainer videos is endless. Let Explainify put their years of experience to work for you.

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