The Problem with Waiting to Invest In an Explainer Video

The Problem with Waiting to Invest in an Explainer Video

There are many excuses people make for not investing in a video (or any content for that matter) that include:

“We don’t know where to start.” 


“It’s going to consume too much time and our team just isn’t equipped to handle the project.”

And though these are practical objections, they don’t have to hold you back from getting started. 

Yes, there are many details that go into creating a video, but you don’t have to weave through all the complexity by yourself – that’s where a team of specialists comes in. With outside help, it’s easy to get started and begin producing results for your business.

On the contrary, if you drag your feet and keep waiting to invest in video, there are many downsides that you might not be aware of. Let’s explore these below.


Waiting to Invest in Video Means You’re Waiting to Get Clear on Your Message

Are you confident that all your team members and customers completely understand what your business does? If you’re being honest with yourself, you would probably say that there’s room for improvement. While your message has brought your business to where it’s at, in order to level up and stay competitive, you need to close the gap in how people perceive and understand your business. If customers don’t fully grasp the value of your business, why would they buy?

When you go through the process of creating a video, it helps your team align on the core message of your business. Even if you think your team has your message nailed, you can always tell your story better and more succinctly. And by working with outside specialists, we know how to refine your message in a way that drives conversion.

A clear message is crucial for positioning in your field and also for inspiring action on part of your customers. This is accomplished by telling your story in a way that connects with your customers’ concerns and pain-points. When this message is dialed in, all of your teams and departments can talk about your services or products in the same effective way. Furthermore, a better message will help you differentiate from the competition and highlight your unique value proposition. 


By Not Using Video, You Miss Out on Opportunities to Win More Business

You would be surprised by how many silent opportunity costs there are by not having a clear message in the form of video.

Examples of these include:

  • Potential customers clicking away from your website or other landing pages because you didn’t captivate their attention with a visually compelling and educational video. If they can’t quickly understand what you do, they will go on to the next solution.
  • Email campaigns that lack engagement.
  • People abandoning your product after a free trial because video wasn’t used to convert or onboard them effectively to the paid features of your product.
  • Your sales team loses customers because your value proposition isn’t articulated well enough.

You also miss many opportunities to build trust and establish authority by not using video because it looks professional and shows that you are investing in your brand. It also caters to the way people want to consume content.


Relying on Word of Mouth Referrals is Unsustainable

Referrals are a great way to get more business, but they’re largely unpredictable. Those companies that rely only on referrals tend to go through cycles of feast and famine.

Instead, you want to build a system that consistently fills your pipeline with qualified leads. The message in your video is designed to drive conversion and support your customers through the buyer journey. And when your video analytics and tracking is set up properly, you can qualify leads quickly and effectively. (link to Article 5 once uploaded)

Video also works to support and increase referrals. When your video is out in the open and being shared, you stay top of mind with existing customers as well as new ones. When you launch a new product or service line, your existing customers will see it which can land you new business. Furthermore, if they see value in your video, they are likely to share it with people that can benefit from your services.


Getting Started with Video is Easy When You Work with a Team of Specialists

One thing that holds many people back from creating video is that they fear it will be a strenuous and time-consuming endeavor. That may be the case if you try to do this in-house. But when you get it done through specialists, we do all the heavy lifting. 

We will work with you to understand your objectives and message, but then our development team takes it from there. Our experienced writers work on the script and our design team works on the visual elements. We will always correspond with you on feedback, but that’s all that’s expected from you.

We also have resources to help you implement the video once you have the final product. You can start with just one video and we can always create more as needed. But once you see how seamless the process is (we call ours Frustration-Free™), you’ll wonder why you didn’t get into video sooner.


To Recap:

Getting started with video doesn’t need to be a hassle and the sooner you invest, the sooner you can avoid all the silent opportunity costs that come about by not investing in video. Going through the process of creating a video will refine your message, accelerate word of mouth referrals, and win you more business in areas where you didn’t even realize you were missing opportunities.

By working with a team of specialists, the process is frustration-free and you gain all the benefits discussed above. To learn more, book a discovery call with Explainify today.