We’re partners with the ServiceNow Brand Team

And we take care of everything for you.


How we help ServiceNow

We produce animated explainer videos that tell your story in a concise, engaging way.

We take care of everything for you – from initial idea to final video – with our Frustration-Free™ Process

A little about Explainify

Explainify is based in Arkansas, USA. Animated explainer videos are all we’ve done for 11+ years – we’re the experts! Great explainer videos equip audiences with what they need to drive decisions.

Frustration-Free™ Process

Here’s the secret, behind-the-scenes breakdown of how our Frustration-Free™ process works.


Uncovery + Kickoff
Storyboards + Style
Designboards (for Tier 2 videos)
Animation + Sound Design

And the best part...

You and your team get to review and approve at every step along the way. Approval from the Brand Team is built into our process, so you end up with a stunning, 100% accurately branded video.

Tier 2 Videos

Custom, Explainer videos for narrative, pain-point and solutions storytelling.



Employee Experience – Healthcare

Cox Communications


Tier 3 Videos

Templated demo videos for demonstrating platform capabilities

Tech KPIs


Impact Fundamentals


Tier 3 videos include screen-recorded demo footage, range from 60-90 seconds with a 2-minute maximum, with one round of feedback per deliverable, and a 4-6 week timeline.

Custom Projects

Transformation Done Wright



Video helps us in our communications with customers by shaping the support experience, not by just telling them what to do, but by showing them. This leads to greater ROI because we don’t have to involve technical support.

Bianca Vaccarini,  Social Media Relationship Manager,  ServiceNow

Bianca Vaccarini Social Media Relationship Manager, ServiceNow