How SaaS Companies Can Use Video to Differentiate and Win More Customers

How SaaS Comapnies Can Use Video to Differentiate and Win More Customers

As a SaaS company, you need to differentiate your product from the competition. With so many solutions out there making similar claims, selling based on features is not enough anymore. 

You need a well-developed message that effectively describes your unique value proposition in the marketplace. This message also needs to be able to grab a customer’s attention quickly since they’re pretty much guaranteed to be researching multiple companies at the same time.

To accomplish this, you need to use video at key stages of the buyer journey which motivates buyers to move further down your funnel. This way the customer can understand why you are different and get familiar with the product before they purchase.

There’s a SaaS solution for everything and you don’t want to get lost in the mix. Let’s take a closer look at why video is effective and how you can use it to differentiate your SaaS from the competition.


Video Transforms Your Message Into a Unique Value Proposition

People buy something because they’re looking to solve a problem. That’s the core of what a SaaS purchase is all about. But for a customer to get on board with your solution, they need to fully grasp the value of it.

With so many SaaS companies trying to transition to a Product-Led Growth strategy, the most difficult obstacle is educating customers and avoiding abandonment. You need to first be able to grab a customer’s attention and then lead them into using the paid features of your product. And it’s your value proposition that will drive your success with Product-Led Growth.

To highlight your value proposition, video is a great tool and it will help a customer understand what you do better than the competition. Furthermore, video has a natural spot in the buyer’s journey to motivate and move the buyer further down the buying funnel.

Videos at different stages act as a guide so your customers can engage and become more familiar with the product before they even talk to sales. Once talking to sales, video can be used to further differentiate, highlight a specific feature, share to other stakeholders or motivate someone to buy. This speeds up your time to revenue and reduces churn.

Picture of a funnel on a screen


Use Video at the Top of the Funnel to Differentiate from The Competition

Your customers are researching many other solutions so you need to make it clear why you’re different. The top of the funnel is the best place to grab this attention and describe how your solution solves your customer’s pain points. Through the use of video, you can target your key markets so that your message is as effective as possible.

When everyone has similar product features, you need to focus on the key benefits of using your product. The perfect positioning you worked so hard to get to needs to be in your videos. And if you haven’t figured it out (because you’re so close to it), going through the production process with an outsider will help you get there. 

If a top of the funnel video is done well, it maximizes your positioning, makes you look professional, and drives people to spend more time looking into your product.

You can use video on your:

  • Homepage
  • Product page
  • Feature Page
  • Pricing Page

For more ideas on how to implement video at the top of the funnel, visit this resource


Use Video Throughout Onboarding to Convert Trial Users Into Paid Users

Abandonment is common within a free trial period. Not because the customer didn’t like the product, but because you haven’t convinced them that the software is the cure for all their problems. You need to sell them on the dream and unique benefits of using your product. It’s also helpful to show them the flaws of their current product and explain how easy it is to switch to yours.

Since you have customers’ email addresses and are likely sending them a drip sequence, it makes sense to use video to drive them deeper into your product. You can show them how to use your product, explain why it’s superior, and speak to the top 3 benefits/features in your onboarding email sequence. By doing this, you get your customers used to interacting with your videos and seeing them as a valuable resource.

For example: 

Headspace has done a great job of using explainer videos in their onboarding process and throughout the life cycle of their customers. 

If you’ve seen a headspace ad, stumbled upon their site, or used their app, you’re immediately introduced to their animation style which is consistent throughout their brand. This builds trust with customers and draws them into the product.

From their introduction videos to the more advanced meditations, they guide the user on how to use the app and gain the most value from it. All of this is possible through the use of explainer videos with quality animation and sound design.

Furthermore, they do a great job at tailoring their videos for specific target markets. Whether they’re targeting students, athletes, or entrepreneurs, they craft their videos to engage that audience.

Take a look at one of their videos:


Attract and Retain More SaaS Customers by Using Video

Success in the SaaS industry all starts with a great message and value proposition. And there’s no easier way to show this value to customers than through the use of video. Video is an effective way to differentiate your company from the competition and will attract customers at the top of your funnel. Furthermore, it’s extremely useful in educating your customers and promoting action further down the buyer journey.


If you’re interested in learning more about using explainer videos for your SaaS company, please reach out.



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