Rethinking Video: 4 Ways to Create Video Marketing Success

Rethinking Video: 4 Ways to Create Video Marketing Success

​Marketing is all about creating impressions and driving action. To accomplish this, you need to grab attention quickly and in a targeted way. Luckily, with more people self-servicing than ever before, there is an opportunity for you to engage prospects and convert them into customers by using video. 

Video shouldn’t just be part of your marketing mix, but rather, your primary stronghold from which all other efforts are structured around. Leading with video allows for brand awareness, education, and legitimacy to all follow suit. You establish brand consistency while also bringing a personalized experience to your audience.

While we all work to adapt to the new normal, video marketing can be the next mover and shaker for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at how you should be thinking about video to find more success.


Lead With a Video-First Strategy, Don’t Save it For Last

Video should not be an afterthought, but rather, the number one marketing tool you use to grab attention and bring customers through the buyer journey. Video works as a self-servicing medium, allowing people to educate themselves on products and services without having to do additional research or be bothered by a sales team – both of which support how people now want to buy.

Video also carries branding, education, and legitimacy all in one bite-sized package making it an effective replacement for communicating things that usually take a lot of time. With video, you can quickly describe the value, quality, and process around what makes your product or service unique. This ability to differentiate from the competition makes all the difference as your brand tries to cut through the noise and position itself as the best.

When you implement a video-first strategy, it becomes easier to structure all your other marketing efforts around this anchor. 

For Example:

  • Create short blogs for each video to support SEO
  • Write other content based on the various topics within your videos.
  • Take smaller clips from your videos to be used on social.

When your video efforts are on point, the rest of your materials will follow suit. 


Create Videos for Your Target Personas by Addressing Their Needs and Using Their Language

Video marketing should never be a guessing game, but rather, a refined approach to engaging your audience. You should know who your videos speak to and what they’re solving in order to grab attention. Define your strategy and craft messaging that aligns with the type of language your persona(s) use. Doing so shows that you not only understand your customer’s problems but that you’re fully embedded in their world.

When it comes to creating your videos, you need to be specific. If you have 3 different personas, you need 3 different videos. If you serve more than one industry, you need videos addressing each industry. A one-size-fits-all approach is outdated and won’t effectively drive the action you desire from your prospects.

Targeting your prospects in this focused way shows authenticity and personalizes the buyer journey. When so many of your prospects have become numb to generic messaging and automated pitches, they’ll appreciate an approach that actually brings value. Keep the conversation focused on the prospect and genuinely speak to their pain points. This is a proven recipe for success.


Focus on Creating an Immediate Impression in the First Few Seconds

Think of your videos as short, snackable pieces of content that grab attention in a few seconds. Even though your videos should be quick and to the point, you can still create a memorable experience for your viewers. Describe real experiences and tell the story that gives people a sense of why they NEED to use your product or service. 

Video used in this way will hook your prospects, opening up the opportunity to leave a trail for them to satisfy their craving for even more personalized content. By providing a value-driven journey, you establish yourself as a recognizable brand, one that delivers on their promises. 


Build Better Brand Awareness and Legitimacy Through Engaging Content that is Implicitly Consistent

Video isn’t just a communication medium, but a tool to fortify the consistency of your brand. When used throughout your full-funnel, video helps glue together all the different customer experiences people have along their unique buyer journey. 

You don’t want your content to look like it came from a dozen different vendors with no direction or accountability. Super high-quality videos that all have matching styles and themes is the best practice. This makes your brand recognizable right off the bat and allows people to start forming positive associations every time they see a piece of your content.  

For an example of stellar brand consistency, take a look at Headspace.

Whether you visit their website, use the app, or come across an ad, their brand is immediately recognizable. There’s nothing super complex about their animation or video style, but their focus on consistency and creating positive feelings within their audience has positioned them as a staple in the wellness industry.


To Recap:

Now is the time to think about video in a way that positions your business for more success in 2020 and beyond. Within an uncertain landscape, you need to adapt and double down on the ways people want to consume content. By leading with video, all your other marketing efforts have a strong foundation and you increase your chances of engaging your audience in meaningful ways.

For more insight on why video is the best tool to drive action, follow this link to our new webinar!



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