Our Process

You need market-leading content that resonates with the right prospects, but breaking down intricate concepts can be tough. Our Frustration-Free™ process means we act as a seamless extension of your team to create ease across your business.

1. Discovery

Researching Your Goals, Objectives, & Core Messages

By delving into the nuances of your brand, target audience, and overarching mission, we thoroughly examine every angle to uncover blind spots and narrate your story in its finest form. This comprehensive approach ensures that we capture the essence of your brand authentically, resonating deeply with your audience.

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Video Assesment

Fill out our questionnaire detailing your needs & ideas

Kickoff Call

Time to hop on a call, meet the team, & review your assessment


We’ll explore your company’s internal assets & public presence
Process - Scripting

2. Scripting

The Foundation for a Great Video
With your expertise in mind, let’s craft a compelling script that resonates with your target audience. Drawing on our storytelling prowess, we’ll customize the script to reflect your brand’s distinct identity. This script encapsulates your unique value in just 60-90 seconds, laying the groundwork for an impactful video.
Process - Scripting

3. Creative

After defining your brand message, we’ll create visual assets to match your style and tone.

We meticulously construct your video’s framework to ensure it aligns perfectly with your message. While some cut corners here, we prioritize quality and collaboration. This approach sets us apart, allowing clients to guide the creative process from start to finish.

Process - Creative


Our animation artists craft a scene-by-scene guide for the video that aligns with the vision in the script.

Voice Talent

We work with the best voices in the business. We’ll hand-pick auditions of your script and help you choose the voice that says, “This is us!”


These look like screenshots of each scene from your final video! After we land on the perfect style we will fully stylize and color your storyboards.

4. Animation & Sound Design

After defining your brand message, we’ll create visual assets to match your style and tone.

We take the design boards and add movement, transitions, interactions, and animation to coincide with your voiceover and music, and then we add sound effects to top it all off!

On the web, people love video.

Case Studies

As a pioneer in the animated video space, we’ve had the honor of providing some serious ROI for leading brands.