Our Agency Referral Program

We understand that it can be difficult to be all things to all clients, and no one expects you to be an expert in everything!

Sometimes you need to reach out and join forces with an expert. We are specialists in creating compelling animated video content, it’s what we have been doing for over a decade.

If you would like to partner with Explainify to expand your menu of services or just have a trusted partner for referrals, please read on. Explainify has over ten years of experience helping hundreds of businesses across the US. Our Frustration-Free™ process produces content that generates new leads, increases sales, and expands awareness, all while being true to the client’s brand.

Here’s how it works

You have a client that needs animated video content.

We can either join a call with your team and the prospect, or you can introduce Explainify through email and we will take it from there.

If your referral decides to do business with us, we will sign a contract, and you will get the referral bonus.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer. The more the merrier!

As a Referral Partner Explainify will pay you a 10% commission on the first contract. After that you will earn 5% on all business within the first year.  Below you will find some unbranded sales materials and video examples you can use to introduce Explainify’s products to your clients.

Impact Package Explainer Video

Impress Package Explainer Video

Dexter Edward
Inspire Package Explainer Video

Download the unbranded sales materials here:
Animated Explainer Packages (PDF)

Interested? Then let's talk!

Please fill out the form below and we can arrange a call. (Don’t like forms? Feel free to to email [email protected] directly instead.)

We know you may have some questions even before we meet to discuss our partnership, so we have covered some of the bases here.

Can we white label/subcontract Explainify?
Yes, but we would prefer a more direct approach. As a rule, we prefer to work alongside you as a trusted expert in animated video. We are willing to sign an NDA or work out logistics to protect your relationship, but be assured, this is all we do, so we are NOT out to steal your clients. If you are certain you want to whitelabel us we are more than happy to discuss that with you.

How does your referral program work?
We have a lot of great referral partnerships set up with other agencies and marketing professionals. When they refer new business to us they are paid a referral fee. Often, we work alongside our referral partners while they focus on their part of the project, and we do ours. Sometimes we work directly with the client, other times we work through your main project manager as our key point of contact. Whichever works better for you. We have found that clients do appreciate working directly with us, as they feel like they’re working with a dedicated team of experts in a specific service area.

What kind of clients can we refer to you?
We have worked with businesses in almost every vertical. We specialize mostly with IT/Tech/Saas clients because we have found that they often have complicated products that need simple and effective explanations. The same can be said for clients in Finance, Education and Science. Anytime you are trying to communicate detailed or complicated information and want the audience to understand and engage with the content, we can help! In short, what we do translates pretty much across any industry where there are complex ideas, concepts or products that need to be explained to colleagues, partners or customers.

Can we preview creative before our client?
Yes, Our process includes 2 rounds of revision at each stage of the creative process. If we are working with your agency directly you can review and suggest changes before showing to the client the updated creative at each stage, but this may slow the overall timeline down and may incur a slightly higher cost to cover the extra edits that usually occur. If possible, we would prefer to have both the partner and client at the table for all revision rounds. We suggest this as including both speeds up the delivery process and nothing is subsequently missed or dropped between all touch points.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected].