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For over 10 years, Explainify has produced world-class videos for our clients. These explainer videos have captured millions of viewers throughout the world. If you’re reading this, you probably already know Explainify offers video packages at different levels of complexity.

All of these videos feature high-quality animation, scripting, and storytelling. However, by offering these services in different packages we give our clients options to fit their specific needs and budgets.

Based on the feedback from our clients, we’ve recently made changes to these offerings and consolidated our packages from four to three. The packages are now Impact, Impress, and Inspire. In this blog, we’ll go into greater detail about the Impact package.

According to Explainify Vice President, James Maltby, the first package, Impact, is the essential package, which offers basic yet effective 2-D concepts.

“It has always been important for us to listen to our clients and we’ve taken in all their valuable feedback and rolled it into these three packages,” says Maltby. “Each Explainify video package offers something unique. The new Impact, while our lowest cost option, is no different. We’re extremely excited to offer such a value at an entry-level price point.”

The Impact package features clean icons, illustrations and transitions in simple, smooth motion. You’ll usually find one character interacting with these images in a flat environment. This option produces a simplified way to communicate your ideas and tell your story while making a huge Impact on your target audience. The Impact package, like all of our packages, is delivered through Explainify’s Frustration-Free™ Process.

Here are just a few video examples produced in the Impact package:

This promotional video from GatherUp utilizes a unique mix of icons in motion, simple animation and even photos to great effect. Watch how the video uses these tools to tell their story and explain how GatherUP helps brands manage their online reputation.

BSR Real Estate illustrates how they’re focused on Texas and the Lone Star State’s unique relationship within the real estate world. They accomplish this through the use of dynamic maps, smooth motions, and one extremely happy animated character.

ProsperOps provides a service that manages commitment risk in a dynamic cloud environment. Explainify created an animated explainer video to go over the details with moving icons and dynamic graphs.

Learn more about each of three package levels on the Explainify website packages. Find the package that fits your specific needs, and let us put our decades of experience to work for you!

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