Explainer Videos Ensure Insurance Marketing Success

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Let’s face it, marketing insurance products is a tough business. In this highly competitive market, it’s extremely difficult to break through the clutter, especially online. Insurance agencies need a good strategy, otherwise they’re just yelling into a void … (cue echo effect:  void … void… void!). How do you communicate your messages in a way that’s sure to be heard?

 Two words… explainer videos. Two more words … from Explainify. Explainer videos are perfect for insurance agency marketing. Why? Because videos are how people learn about complex concepts … like insurance services. There’s no better way to get across the benefits of your products than a short video people will actually retain. 

Here’s a truth: when people are scrolling through the internet, whether it’s on social media or even your website, they’re less likely to read content and more likely to watch content. The numbers don’t lie. In a survey, 69% of people said they prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. However, 64% of marketers said video is the most difficult content to make. Don’t worry … we got you!

For over a decade, we’ve been building brands through video marketing that’s effective, efficient and surprisingly easy (at least for our customers). It’s all about our proprietary Frustration-Free™ Process, which is exactly what it sounds like. 

High-quality, animated videos are your key to successfully marketing your insurance company online. Don’t lose out on another minute of potential leads. Get started right away with Explainify.

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