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Educate your audience with animated energy explainer videos

The energy sector is growing like never before. From solar solutions to wind and other renewable sources, the future is bright. But many renewable energy companies hit a wall when it comes to educating their customers. With all the complex details around energy solutions, it can easily become overwhelming. Using technical details and brochures just doesn’t cut it. They need a way to communicate the benefits of their alternative energy in a way that’s not only easy to understand but can capture customers’ attention long enough to explain it.

How can explainer videos be used in the energy sector?

When you think of explainer videos, you might only consider an overview video. There’s a whole lot more that can be done by expanding your video options. Sales teams can incorporate videos into customer communications. Although having an overview video is a great start, you can answer questions customers commonly ask by creating a FAQ-based video too. Or, during the onboarding processes of a solar project, new clients often wonder what the steps are. Having a solar energy animation that guides them through the process can streamline your communication while building trust. Plus, if you offer new features or your solutions have upgrades existing customers are not aware of, using a short 90-second video can work wonders in sharing your news.

Getting the most from your animated explainer video

Customers today have a shorter attention span than ever before. Plus, they’re getting bombarded with more content on their mobile devices and email. You don’t want to wear them out using a long animated energy company video. Keeping your videos to around 90 seconds in length is a good rule of thumb. It’s enough time to educate and demonstrate a few core renewable energy video ideas. If you have more information or alternative energy ideas to share, simply creating a series of shorter videos is a much better strategy than having a single, long-winded video. The right energy videos can educate an audience while capturing their attention and giving you the time you need to showcase the benefits of your green solutions.

Solving challenges with the right explainer video

There’s a lot of moving parts within the renewable energy space. touchpoints can range from sales, support, customer service, and beyond. When ideas get complicated or take too many resources to explain over and over, it’s time to produce a well-thought-out explainer video for your energy company. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve created a Frustration-Free™ Process that streamlines the project from end to end. The bottom line with these videos is they communicate in a visually stunning way. And they do it while educating and informing the right audience more efficiently than other forms of communication can. That’s where having a well-designed animated explainer video for your energy company comes in.

“I needed the right partner to simply and concisely explain how GE Power was helping the government of Egypt deliver power to its citizens. I needed this done in a culturally aware format. I turned to Explainify. If you are looking for a company to help you and your customers deliver storytelling impact, I fully recommend tapping Explainify.”

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Shaun Wiggins
GM of External Relations, GE

Shaun Wiggins, GE

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