Explainer Videos Benefits: How Videos Help You Zoom Past The Competition

Explainer Videos Boost Search Engine Results, Make Conversions and Increase Sales.

That means more for your bottom line. Cha-ching!

So, what is an “explainer video” (also referred to as “explanatory video”)?

A short video that:

  • Explains a product or service
  • Makes people care
  • Helps make informed buying decisions

To create an effective explainer video, you have to simplify your message into an easy-to-understand package and cause the viewer to take action.

This post is going to provide insight about:

  • Ingredients of a successful explainer video
  • The Perfect Explainer Video Outline
  • How your business can benefit from an explainer video

Let’s jump right into it.

7 Ingredients Of A Successful Explainer Video

Ingredients Of A Successful Explainer Video

A) Simplicity

A standard 60 second video has about 150 words, so you’ve got to keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd it with content – People need time to retain what they’re watching.

B)  Script Is Everything

Your script is the most important part of your explainer video. Don’t rush through this step.

Studies show that if you only stimulate the auditory sense, people remember 10% of what they hear. Stimulate both with audio & visuals and people will remember up to 70%.

C)  Little-To-No Jargon

I know you want to sound smart, but you don’t want to sound so complicated that people tune you out.

You need to figure out what sets you apart. They don’t want to hear about your “transmellation” or “quotient dividing participial seusses”.

D) Addresses The Right Audience

This is common sense, but many people don’t do the research on the target market. Know your audience and speak to them more efficiently.

E) Triggers An Emotion

The quickest way for something to become memorable is through emotion. Something in our brain is activated that makes us much more likely to remember it.

F) Tells A Story

Stories are in our DNA. It’s how we learned growing up and how we connect to new ideas. Use stories to influence decision makers.

Don’t get too much into the details. Nobody wants to hear about the 26 reasons your product is better.

G) A Clear Call To Action

Tell your viewer what you want them to do. Make it clear and they’ll likely do as you ask. Be it:

  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Visiting your site
  • Downloading your app, or;
  • Give you a call you

The Perfect Explainer Video Outline

A) Problem

Help facilitate empathy and get your viewers to relate to the problem. From the very beginning, show them relevance.

If you’re looking to touch their emotions, it must be funny, upsetting, uplifting, or offensive. Whatever emotion, it has to hit hard for them to be able to remember it.

B) Solution

Now that the viewer has a connection with you and the video, convey your offering as the answer to their problems. Next, you’ll provide a little detail on the benefits.

C) How It Works

Now that they know you exist – Explain why you’re the better option than your competitor.

Quickly share the top 3 benefits that set your solution apart. This is where you can include more details about your product or service.

D) Conclusion

Reiterate the fact how you solve the original problem and call forth action such as “Check out our website,” “Click the link,” “sign up today,” or any other that clearly communicate the action you want your audience to take.

Remember, your company’s story has the power to motivate and drive people to action. That action can increase your top line if you do it right.

After all, it’s all in the delivery and knowing the brain science to craft an effective explainer video.

Explainer Videos Benefits

Explainer Video Benefits

A) Increase Conversion Rates

According to Internet Retailer, up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video. This helped

  • Rypple (who recently sold to SalesForce) increase conversion rates by 20%,
  • CaseComplete upped the game 23%, and;
  • CrazyEgg added an explainer video to their homepage and increased conversion rates by 64%.

B) Better Google Results

Websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. What do you think people will click on first: the text link or the ever-inviting video thumbnail?

That’s right.

The thumbnail! In fact, your video is 41% more likely to get clicked than a text listing. Now that you’re on the front page of Google, more people will watch your video and be totally stoked to buy your product. Which means, you earn money andales are good.

C) Your Perfect Pitch Every Time

It’s tough not knowing how to tell people what you do in a clear and concise way where they will understand immediately. An explainer video delivers your perfect pitch anytime anywhere.

The best part is – you don’t even have to be there!

And if you choose the right explainer video partner, you may just end up with your perfect company story that you can use in pitches, on your website, in email marketing and more.

D) Easily Shareable

Now that you’ve got your perfect pitch, you can easily share your story with the world. According to Google, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television, so go ahead and captivate them with your awesome business!

It’s now way easier to share because you have a video that can easily be sent to anyone and viewed by thousands, and if you really strike internet gold, millions.

You can also bring it with you to meetings, conferences and more. You’ll never have to worry about messing up your pitch again.

E) Return-On-Investment (ROI)

Explainer video companies can produce videos at much better rates than agencies. Take advantage and watch a small spend turn into a great, gigantic return.

For example, Dropbox spent $50,000 to tell their story through an explainer video. It resulted in 5 million new customers and over $24M in revenue. CrazyEgg stepped up their revenue $21,000 a month.

It’s Your Time To Take The Call

Videos are an integral part of your content or overall marketing strategy.

Your business can benefit from explainer videos at each stage of your customer buying life cycle – traffic generation, conversion, retention, and beyond.

However, it is not a silver bullet. Videos should be used in conjunction with other marketing activities to create the maximum impact.

As a business, if you are still on the fence about using videos for your business, now is the time to leverage them before it gets too late.

And if you are looking for experts to you help you get started with your videos, get in touch with us today!

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