5 Reasons to Get Your Stock Music from Tunefruit

At Explainify, we love to make friends. And when those friends are doing really cool things, like be amazing at providing stock music, we get excited and want to tell the world about how cool they are.

When we first got hooked up with our friends at the music site Tunefruit, it was (platonic) love at first listen. The guys over there are genuinely hilarious, professional, and – most importantly – they know their stuff. Their selection of music tracks is gargantuan, and they’re all high-quality tunes. And when we need a track for one of our video productions, we keep Tunefruit on speed-dial.

So, as an homage to our good friends at Tunefruit, I’m going to give you some food for thought: five reasons why you should get on board and get your stock music from them as well.

1. Their Selection

If you need it, Tunefruit has it. They’ve got thousands of tracks to choose from. So whether your video needs to match the buttoned-up gravity of a boardroom meeting, or it needs a little Latin flair, you’re covered. Not sure what style you want? Tunefruit comprehensively tags its tracks, so you can always search for something with the right tone.


The best part? The team at Tunefruit is always licensing new tracks, so you can check out their weekly “Tunefruit Freshpicks” to hear their newest, dopest beats.

2. Their Quality

It’s one thing to have a wide selection; it’s something else to have quality music. Stock music tracks can be a mixed bag – sometimes, quality sucks, or worse, the music sounds like a ringtone. These won’t do for your video, which is why Tunefruit is so awesome. They only license the music you would actually want to use.

This is huge for us here at Explainify, because we can’t settle for low-budget soundtracks. Music can make or break a video, so we want to make sure that each of our productions has the right sound. And with their combination of quality and selection, Tunefruit’s the place to find it.

3. Their Customer Service? Like, Whoa.

Okay, so any old stock music site can claim to have quality and selection. Tunefruit’s got both, but what really sets them apart – what really makes them crazy awesome – is their customer service. We put customer service ahead of everything else at Explainify, and these guys still manage to make us look curmudgeonly by comparison.

Need a track fast? They’ll flip you the tracks you need in no time. Can’t quite find the music you need? They’ll help you track down more options. These guys are dedicated to helping you find the right music, when you need it.

4. They’re All About the Long Term

This goes hand in hand with Tunefruit’s customer service. These guys aren’t into getting you out of their hair as quickly as possible – they’re looking to develop long-term relationships with their clients. That’s why we look to Tunefruit whenever it’s time to find a soundtrack. That’s why we trust them.

We’ve had the good fortune to become friends with a few members of the Tunefruit team. We guest blog for and with one another. We sing each others’ praises. We rely on each other in a pinch. And I’m absolutely confident that Tunefruit treats all of its clients with the same genuine interest and enthusiasm.

5. Their Personality

I could be wrong, but I doubt you’ve ever worked with a company like Tunefruit. They mix fun and professionalism like no one else I’ve ever known. Every member of the Tunefruit team is named after a fruit – Peach, Mango, and the like (a regular nom de pomme, if you’re into French/literary jokes). And these guys are genuinely hilarious! They marry solid online business with a laid-back surfer attitude, and the result is an absolute blast.

If you’re making online videos, you need music, and you need good music. So give the folks at Tunefruit a shout. Tell them Explainify says “Hey.”

Music is just one piece of the video puzzle. Read our about our Production Process to learn more!

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