15 Explainer Videos & Examples of Best Practices

Digital illustration compilation from explainer videos

You may think your business is straight forward, until you try to explain it to other people. It’s hard for your brand to make an impact if your target audience doesn’t have a clue what you do. Luckily, explainer videos help you make sure your target audience knows exactly what you’re selling, offering or … explaining. These short, sweet and sharable videos allow you to communicate quickly and concisely – capturing your brand’s messaging and relaying it accurately.

Through animation and impactful graphics, explainer videos from Explainify allow you to not only tell your story but show your story as well. This is perfect for those with short attention spans – which in today’s climate includes everyone.

In this blog, we’ll show you how our clients have put explainer videos to good use for their businesses. These are just some of our favorite video examples to serve as thought starters for your next explainer video project. As we present this collection, we’ll go over some best practices to get your brand talked about and your message heard. It’s worked for these clients; it can certainly work for you!

1. Identifying a Problem and Offering a Solution

This time-tested method is used by WIN Detergent to great effect in this explainer video from Explainify. Ever wonder why your performance wear never smells quite clean? Well, wonder no longer.

2. Introduce New Concepts

Have you ever heard of the “Hope Molecule”? CalerieHealth™ explains the importance of this protein while communicating in a clear, concise way, so that viewers don’t need a degree in biology to understand.

3. Speak the Language

Not everyone knows the vocabulary of preservation professionals, and that’s ok. This is an example of how Explainify takes the time to understand and communicate within specialized fields – in this case, museums, libraries and archives – for Conserv.

4. Tell a Story

This remains one of the best ways to communicate with potential customers — telling a story with them as the hero. Check out this explainer from Ourboro and notice how options are presented as a “choose your own” adventure to the viewer.

5. Offer a Better Way

Today’s world can be pretty scary in many respects. The public is looking to reduce their anxiety any way they can. This Squint Systems explainer video offers customers a way to connect with their community while maintaining a level of privacy.

6. Appeal to Customers’ Eco Sensibilities

Being carbon neutral is a goal we should all share, but rarely are we shown how. This explainer video by The Good Traveler gives viewers an option to “see the world and save it.”

7. Talk About Specifics

Most potential customers realize that search engine optimization (SEO) is important, but they have no idea what to do to improve it. This explainer video from DoctorLogic speaks directly to this issue and shows doctors how their software will address it.

8. Get Local

One of the many beauties of explainer videos is that you can speak to your target audience about issues only they know about it. This video from Empower Mississippi talks in a way that is extremely relevant to Mississippians.

9. Take a Step-by-Step Approach

This is one of the easiest ways to communicate new concepts. By focusing on one step at a time, you’ll ensure your target audience has a firm grasp on the idea you’re explaining. Take a look at how this approach is utilized in this explainer video by Evolve Property Management.

10. Make it Easy for Them

This video from KE Camps explains how they take care of all the details in creating day camp programs for country clubs. When you can put potential customers at ease, they’re more likely to use your goods or services.

11. Keep it Short When Possible

Explainer videos don’t have to be long, in fact they can be as short as 17 seconds. For example, this teaser video from Hotjar gives just enough information to capture viewers’ attention and leave them wanting to learn more.

12. Know Your Target Audience

As this example from LeadCookie shows, explainer videos allow you to talk about business-to-business issues that the general public doesn’t know about – like generating B2B leads.

13. Speak About Value

This is a language every viewer/potential customer can understand – value. In this example, which was crafted by POLITICO Focus and sponsored by AstraZeneca, viewers take a look at how VBAs save money for patients and the health systems.

14. Help Discover

One of the best ways explainer videos impact people is by helping them discover new concepts that will make a difference in their lives — or in the case of PawPrint Canine Genetic Testing from Canine HealthCheck, make a difference in the life of their fur babies.

15. Explain It!

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you have a terrific product or service, sometimes you just need to go over the details. This example from Kinematics simply explains what Smart Drive Actuation Intelligence is and what it does.

These are just a few video examples from the many exciting clients we have worked with over the years. Are you ready to attract new clients, engage existing ones and convert leads with your own customized animated explainer video? For more information contact Explainify, and let’s get started!